BOYSETSFIRE wiritng a new album / I AM HERESY promo

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BOYSETSFIRE will start writing their new album in January.

Read the official word below:

A lot going on in the BSF camp recently, and we have decided to inform you of it all in this short yet informative letter: first off, Robert will no longer be playing bass for us. It was a mutual decision, we are all still friends, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. Secondly, we will all be getting together in January with our friend (and matt’s brother) marc, to write, practice, and see if he may be our next bass player. In addition to this, we will be playing two shows with him during a few fairly shorter sets (though we will play as long as possible) at Mojo Main in Newark, Delaware On January 5th, and The Note in West Chester, Pennsylvania on January 6th with our friends in All Else Failed. Also, the money we make from both shows will be donated to charity. We will soon post links to said charities, so you will know what you (and the band) will be supporting, and so you can also support these charities individually if you like. Thank you all for your support throughout these years, and we look forward to continuing on as long as you will let us.

In other new, BOYSETSFIRE‘s Nathan Gray has been working with his new band called I AM HERESY. Make sure to check them out.

Read more about I AM HERESY:

What happens when your band falls apart and everything you worked toward is abruptly thrown away? You start a new one! That is exactly what Nathan Gray (Boysetsfire, Casting Out) decided to do once his last musical effort The Casting Out ceased to exist. Not one to sit around and cry about the situation, he decided to move forward and form something completely new. He didn’t have to look far though, realizing that his son Simon Gray and fellow bandmate Jonah Latshaw (May 4th Massacre) both were very talented musicians in their own right, he recruited them to start a new band. Going back to the roots of what made Boysetsfire such a powerful force in the punk/hardcore scene, mixed in with the younger metal influence of Simon and Jonah….. I AM HERESY was formed. To help complete the band and take it to the next level, brothers Jay and Crumbs Konieko (The Dead and Gone) were added on Bass and Drums respectively. The last piece to the puzzle to help reinforce such and imposing sound was former (Chambers) guitarist Gregg Kautz. As a whole each band member brings their own unique musical style to form an imposing wall of sound that has and will continue to grow and evolve. I AM HERESY. 

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