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Brazilian hardcore vets QUESTIONS comment on the upcoming European 20+2 Anniversary Tour

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Three weeks prior to their another European trek, long-running Sao Paulo hardcore veterans QUESTIONS sit down with us to talk about the post-COVID era, touring and the amazing feeling of being on the road again. Check out out brief interview with guitarist Pablo and scroll down to see the full itinerary!

“Many gigs on this tour were already booked or planed since 2020, when we’re supposed to do our 20th anniversary tour… but then, the pandemic happened.” – comments Pablo.

“We’re super excited back then, our latest album “Libertatem” was super fresh, the shows in Brasil were amazing, we were having a great time playing the new songs. It was such a bummer to have to cancel it all. Since we weren’t able to play live, one of the things we love the most In this life, it was a very tough period. In 20 years in this band, we never had such a long break. So, to be able to do this again, after so long, it feels great! It’s like a rebirth, really.”

How does it feel to be back on the road, post COVID?

“The first thing that comes to mind is: yeesss!!!” – contiues Pablo.

“When this whole thing started, it felt like something very important, a huge part of our life, was suddenly taken away from us, and we could do nothing to get it back. So now we can’t wait to be back on the road, to play our music, to meet old and new friends, to feel that this band is alive again! On the other hand, though, we try to be as much as cautious as we can. Covid is not over. It’s a dangerous disease, so we have to stay careful, to protect ourselves and the others.”

What’s up in your local scene after these crazy turbulent years? Is it getting back to normal?

“Yes, for a few months now, things are slowly starting to happen again. There are smaller and bigger gigs going on, most bands in our scene are already playing or, at least, booking dates for the next months. Some kids are not yet comfortable with the idea of going to a room full of people, which is understandable.

But, in Brazil, the great majority of the population is vaccinated, so we can hope that things will continue to get better. We’ve been receiving offers to play again since late 2021, but we decided to hold back a little longer. We all deal with family responsibilities, some of us live with newborns and older people, so we figured we shouldn’t rush things up.

Aside from a couple of live streamings, with no audience, we did last year, this European tour will be the first time we hit the stage in two years.. it’s crazy to think about it!”

Any new bands from Brazil we should check out in 2022?

There’s always new good bands, new blood coming to the scene. Hopefully we’ll be able to invite some of them to play with us, next time we do our festival SPHC (São Paulo Hardcore).

A few new bands to check out: PUNHO DE MAHIN, UNDERGUST, MALVINA.

Catch QUESTIONS live on tour in Europe this Summer!

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18/06 – Pobiedna/PL @ Izero Hardcore Fest
19/06 – Ciechnow/PL @ Fabryka Kultury Zgrzyt
20/06 – Nowy Targ/PL
21/06 – Prague/CZ @ Eternia
22/06 – Magenta/IT @ Xo Club Magenta
23/06 – Zero Branco/IT @ Altroquando
24/06 – Cotbus/DE @ Kulturzentrum Bunte Welt
25/06 – Freiburg/DE @ Beatbar Pub
26/06 – Berlin/DE @ Cassiopeia
29/06 – Copenhagen/DK @ Underwerket w/ Dare
30/06 – Potsdam/DE @ Archiv w/ Dare
01/07 – Koln/DE @ Sonic Ballroom
02/07 – Ieper/BE @ Ieperfest
03/07 – Hengelo/NL @ Innocent
05/07 – The Hague/NL @ Musicon
06/07 – Luxemburg/LUX @ Rock Box
07/07 – Geleen/NL @ Café de Meister
08/07 – Ottersberg/DE @ AZO
09/07 – Halver/DE @ Hardcore Help Foundation Fest

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