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Brian D. of CATHARSIS / CrimethInc. interviewed by DIY Conspiracy

Brian D. is an enigmatic person known to some as the singer of the metallic hardcore band Catharsis that emerged in the mid 90’s to bring anarchist politics back to hardcore punk. Besides playing in a band he was an editor of a hardcore punk zine called “Inside Front” that later on became a platform for a wider political activism and community organizing, a basis for a decentralized anarchist collective known as CrimethInc. that, since then, is pushing the anarchist principles that people in communities should have autonomy, self-determination and the space to be able to decide collectively for themselves. I’m catching up with Brian once again as he recently toured Scandinavia with reunited Catharsis and then traveled around Central Europe and Balkans meeting people and collectives to discuss about the life-cycle of social movements and what possibilities can emerge after their demise.

Go here to read the full interview.

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