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Budapest hardcore pack TOUCH strike back with great new single “Disengagement”

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Hungarian hardcore punks TOUCH are about to release their new EP “Deliverance” on Solace Music, and today the band shared their new song called “Disengagement”, feat. guest vocals by Ákos Déri of BERRILOOM & THE DOOM.

“Generally speaking, this song is about burnout. We always look back, what period of our lives brought us the most satisfaction, compare the present with the past. It can be a useful reflection but also leads to (toxic) pursuit of happiness. How can we manage the state of emotional and mental exhaustion? How can we leave behind every anchor in our mind? We have to find the asnwer to these questions in each stages of our lives. Finding new ways, new strategies to fight against burnout.” – comments Touch guitarist Laszlo, for NoEcho.


I want, I want
Something more
But I’m falling like never before

Living in a vicious cycle
Adapting a pointless structure
They stole my soul then drained my mind
Trapped in lies

The first step toward cowardice
Covered actions, another disguise
Running and running, running away
Pushing forward on the path that’s been paved

There is no admission
Illusion of consistency
There is no advancement
Just living out of this world

Just leave behind every anchor in my mind

This prison decays around me
Is this what I wanted?

No longer trapped in lies

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