How Can Music Enhance Your Workout

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How Can Music Enhance Your Workout?

If you have ever been to a workout class, you will have noticed that the class is never taken in silence. There is always high energy music playing; sometimes it’s there in the background and sometimes it’s an integral part of the class, but it’s always there. The same is true for gym workouts; the majority of those people using the equipment will be listening to music through headphones. Why and how does music enhance a workout?

Movement And Speed

Whatever you’re doing, if you are listening to music with a fast rhythm, something upbeat, your movements tend to match that beat and rhythm. It works whether you’re running, cycling, doing cardio, even just taking a walk – listening to faster music makes you faster. You don’t even need to be able to match the beat exactly (not everyone can), you’ll still move more quickly when listening to fast tunes.

Feels Easier

Your brain is a powerful machine. It remembers everything (even if you don’t), and if you do a high-intensity workout, it will remember how your body felt during and afterwards. This can mean that you feel reluctant to do it again because, as with anything that’s high impact, it can make you ache, and make your muscles sore. However, if you are listening to music at the same time as working out, the workout will feel easier – experts aren’t sure why, but it might be because your brain is concentrating on the music, letting your body work almost on auto-pilot. Whatever the reason, this will make future workouts less of a chore as your brain won’t associate them with hard work.

Mood Enhancing

If you’re not someone who particularly enjoys exercise, music will help you. Listening to music will enhance your mood, and that means that you’ll have more fun when you’re working out – and you’ll be more likely to do it again. Just make sure you play the music you love best when exercising and you’ll have a much better time.


Playing music during a workout is clearly a good idea, but what about playing music before you get started? If you listen to the right kind of fast, high energy music before you begin to workout or train, perhaps while you’re getting dressed, or during a warm up, you will be placed in exactly the right mindset to work out for longer – which is always a good thing. To keep motivation high, and if you’ve discovered a new favorite band when exercising, reward yourself by looking for ticket sales for that artist of singer.

You’ll Feel Powerful

Listening to high energy music will also give you a feeling of power and strength. This is more than just a feeling, though; research has shown that those listening to faster, more exciting music were able to lift heavier weights, jump with more force, and do more squats than those who did exactly the same workout without any music at all. It’s amazing what music can do for your health – and all you have to do is listen.

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