CANDLEMASS singer records LUDOR’s debut album

Mats Levén, who is currently the lead singer of CANDLEMASS, has collaborated with Swedish musician/producer Jimmy Lagnefors on music for a fictional band called LUDOR, who is featured in the Swedish movie “Mammas Pojkar” (international title: “Metal Brothers”), which was released in Sweden in December.

Levén on his involvement in the film:

Jimmy and I wrote 10 songs for the band Ludor in the movie plus the usual score. 

Ludor is just a made-up band that the two brothers are fans of. You never see the actual members in the film except for some poster and album covers. I sing on all the songs and play guitar/bass together with Jimmy. Henka Johansson plays drums. 

“The first two songs will be released on Spotify/iTunes in a week or two. The rest will be out soon (January/February), hopefully on CD as well as download.

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