CAP DE CRANIU stream their album in full

We are pleased to announce you that CAP DE CRANIU have made their album “I’ll Kill If I Live” available for streaming.

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The album have been re;eased on 9th of February 2012 through Metalfan Records Division. The artwork is designed by Calin Raduta, band leader and main songwriter from CAP DE CRANIU.

“I’ll Kill If I Live” track list:
01. The Autumn Bodycount
02. All That Glitters Is Sold
03. Don’t Wake Up Memories When They Aren’t There
04. Time Made Me Hate Eternity
05. Old Habits Die Hard
06. You Made Your Bed, Now Sleep In It! Forever!
07. Reason Is Dead
08. Tales of Dead Men
09. Death and Taxes
10. Every Bird Lives By It’s Own Song
11. The Stone Thrower
12. I’ll Break You Again Tomorrow
13. I’ll Kill If I Live

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