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Carlo (RISE AFTER DEFEAT / STRIKEDOWN RECORDS) interviewed by Pink Death Zine

Pink Death Zine sat down with Carlo from RISE AFTER DEFEAT / STRIKEDOWN RECORDS to talk about DIY hardcore punk and Italian scene.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Carlo – go here to take a read.

Was there a need for something different? Tell us about why SD records exists, and what pumps blood in the heart of SD to continue on as a DIY label?

O no, basically, I wanted to start a indipendent hardcore punk label, to support my band, and the bands that i love and that I support !!! I’m addicted by the hardcore punk state of mind and music from when i was 13, in late 2008 I’ve formed my own band, RISE AFTER DEFEAT, in december 2009 I’ve run STRIKEDOWN RECORDS !! I manage with a friend of mine also a booking company called GHOSTOWN BOOKING that book european tours and single shows for own bands and the bands that we estimate. Now I’m 22 and I think that i have a great culture baggage to be so young, I’m a lucky child… Everything is always concepted with a DIY phylosophy, ’cause we were/ I was always forced to do all the things needed alone, and we/ I love this working way !!!

Go here to read the rest of the interview.

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