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CEREMONY interviewed by PunkNews

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CEREMONY were recently interviewed by PunkNews. They discussed their debut release on Matador Records and a lot more. Check it out.


Every once in awhile, you get the chance to meet genuinely good people. It’s just a plus that they are in a positive, influential band that you grew up listening to and have timelessly made a heavy imprint in the hardcore community. It’s extremely rare that you find a band who evolves with age – no sign of regression or loss of energy during their set. Ceremony has actually matured over time and produced records that clearly represent what their sound is and who they are currently as a band. They don’t try to produce music for anyone but themselves and this characteristic is a rarity in this day and age. Sitting down in the smokey back room at the Hi-Tone of Memphis, TN around pizza before their show, we got the chance to get a better understanding of their debut release on Matador Records, Zoo, how the group works as a whole and also how each individual plays a unique role in Ceremony. Ross started us out with how pizza was invented in Italy in 1793 and it was actually vegan. Also, the interview is with Ross Farrar, Anthony Anzaldo and Andy Nelson and conducted by Punknews’ Copy Editor, Amelia Cline.

Go here to read the interview.

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