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Jake Bannon from CONVERGE interviewed by Yeah Right blog

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Jake Bannon from CONVERGE did a cool chat with Yeah, Rught blog.

Is there a lot of physical preparation just keep in shape for the show every night?

Well yeah, the older you get the more aware you kind of have to be, you know? We’re not 18 years old anymore, we want to make sure that we’re in the best possible shape we can be in order to play. It’s funny, on one tour a couple of years ago I put in one—I had one of those little contraptions that you can put on your, or in your shoe or wear on your wrist that tells you how for you’re traveling—I put one in my shoe before we played, and I ran about three miles on stage, in an hour. And it’s like a 25 foot space, if you run back and forth that much, if you’re performing … it’s a challenge for sure.

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