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CHEAP DATE revive 90s alt grunge vibes with powerful new single!

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It seems a bunch of modern alt punk and rock bands have taken the recent grunge and post grunge revival to heart, as they’re fully embracing it from long hair to ubiquitous chord progressions, but as Chris Martin sings, “it’s okay“, cause thankfully, you can hear a lot of interesting up and coming bands that don’t forage so far into the past that they can’t keep up in the present. Italy’s CHEAP DATE is a new  shoegaze-tinged grunge ensemble soaked in emo and alt rock vibes that ride a wave of such influences and promise an exciting debut release soon! “In Gloom” EP comes out on December 20th, and today, ahead of the EP release on December 20th, we’re giving you the first new track called “Superstar”!

In Gloom EP meaning is based on a series of life stories, thoughts and reflections; straight personal experiences influenced the funny and serious mood of this first EP.

Superstar is the 2nd track of the EP, the first released. Comes out after a long instrumental final part of the first song. It’s a personal focus on the relationship between the real person and his Alter Ego.

The EP release party will take place on December 27th in the band’s home town of Caserta, Italy.



In another life
I’ve been a superstar
Days start at the sunset, nights close down last bar
I saw the world
Thrugh the glass of my plane and from the moon
My face well known, for better or worse it’s on your mouth
But I feel like something’s wrong, like I’m falling in a deep hole
Contractions don’t play my game
And I wasn’t ready to falling in deeper, again
I’m falling in deeper my friend
Falling in deeper
In another life
I’ve been a superstar
I died with a needle in my left arm

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