Check out: CURSED EARTH!

Talkin’ about heavy riffed hardcore? Perth, Australia’s CURSED EARTH know exactly how to destroy your ears. Listen to the band’s first single “Consumed” and experience the aural destruction that goes along with it.

The band hits the studio to start tracking their debut EP on May 27th! Stay tuned for more details! A new Deathwish Inc. singee coming up? :)


Eruption of the mind
Awake the parasite
Trapped behind my eyes
When will you take my life?
Distortion of the light
This black has left me blind
This time I hear the call of the other side

Cancer manifests deep inside my head
Filth breeds filth, I’d be better off dead
The blood leaves its stain
It won’t wash away
A constant reminder of this betrayal

Consumed by the pain
A slave to the hate
Consumed by the ache
A slave to my fate

Bottom feeders, maggots wait for the rot
Scratch and pick away the skin that I’ve got
Suffocating for life, consumed by the ache
Can’t stand the thought of the mistakes I have made

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