CITIZENS PATROL announce a split with REPROACH; 2013 tour dates

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CITIZENS PATROL have announced they will be hitting the studio in March to record songs for their split with REPROACH. The band will be touring Europe and Japan in 2013, with 2 more shows scheduled for this year. Check out the full message from CITIZENS PATROL below:

citizens patrol

2012 was a pretty productive year…… babies, records, a shitload of cool shows and tours, you name it, it was all there!! And there is more to come. Here’s a little insight on what we’re up to the next couple of months and 2013. “For relaxing times, make it Suntory times” (you’ll find out if you read a bit furder, promise!)

Weekend Trip with REPROACH
We came close to go on tour with Reproach once before, but this year we are definitly gonna make it! You end up making great plans at the afterparty, but somehow you always wake up and forget about the whole thing the next morning. This is basically the reason it took so long for this trip to happen. Luckily we both had a moment of clarity and planned a weekend trip together, doing 2 shows in a row: Wafels and Beer in Brussels, Croissants and Beer in Paris. Gonna be a good one! Check out these events:
30th November – Brussels
1st December – Paris

Split 7inch with REPROACH
In februari/march 2013 we’re gonna hit the studio to record a split 7inch with our buddies from REPROACH! Still in the writing proces for this one, but all i can say is this is gonna be a killer release!! BAM!!! Keep your eyes and ears open the next couple of months!!

If that website from Ryan Air is ever gonna work proparly we might just make it to Greece for a couple of shows in March. Dates are set on 28th till 31st of March 2013, now only have to fix them tickets!

EU Tour
This is Zarautz not Maasbree! We’re heading back south in the beginning of May 2013. This time also playing a lot of shows in France! We just started booking this bad boy, but this is the route we are planning to take:
Thu 2-5-13 / Stuttgart/Nurnberg/Metz
Fri 3-5-13 / Monza/Milan
Sat 4-5-13 / Bologna (TBC)
Sun 5-5-13 / Turijn/Genoa (TBC)
Mon 6-5-13 / Marseille (TBC)
Tue 7-5-13 / Toulouse (TBC)
Wed 8-5-13 / Barcelona (TBC)
Thu 9-5-13 / Zaragoza (BOOKED)
Fri 10-5-13 / Zarautz (BOOKED)
Sat 11-5-13 / San Sebastian (TBC)
Sun 12-5-13 / Nantes/Rennes

Tour Japan + record release
There ya go, well no relaxing times, but definitly Suntory times! We’ll be hitting Japan in August 2013. Our good friend Shingo from Too Circle records is gonna book the tour. More info on this one early 2013! Around May 2013 we’re gonna hit the studio again for another session! This time for a release in Japan that we will combine with the tour!

PS: Our buddies from The Shining are gonna tour Brazil from 1st of November till the 11th of November…. be shure to check em out Brazilians!!
PS II: and also our buddies from Reproach are gonna make a long trip, but to Japan… They are on their way right now! Be shure to check them out if you’re in the neighbourhood!!

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