Clare presents KITTYHAWK: A Drunk History

Fresh off the relesae of their earworm new album “Mikey’s Favorite Songs” (Count Your Lucky Stars), a complete collection of all songs that were not found on their 2014 full length “Hello, Again”, Chicago based emo indie rockers KITTYHAWK are joining us with a hilarious video of their new member Clare, who sat down with us to recall the history of the band from her unique perspective. Clare has been around the entire history of the band and has been in a relationship with the drummer the whole time, so there was no other way than to crack a couple of drinks and dive into it!

For fans of: Rainer Maria, The Promise Ring, The Weakerthans

Recorded by Mikey Crotty (Dowsing) at Gnaria and Owlery in Chicago, IL and spread out over releases that came out from 2012 to 2016.

Kittyhawk hail from Chicago, Illinois and feature members of Dowsing, Pet Symmetry, Joie De Vivre, Mother Evergreen, and touring members from Into It. Over It., but don’t you dare call them a side project. Instead, imagine the best parts of all those bands together in one band and you get close to what Kittyhawk sounds like.


Frontwoman Kate Grube anchors the band with strong vocals and charming synth lines that float just above the guitars as the percussion pushes or drags the tempo to match the somber tones each song brings. Kittyhawk are out to prove they are more than just “members of” your favorite band, and one listen tells you they’ve already done it.

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