Colin of Arabia by Heather McGrath
Colin of Arabia by Heather McGrath
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COLIN OF ARABIA (COA) share new EP – listen to “Trauma Dump”!

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The hardcore scene received a jolt of energy today with the sudden release of “Trauma Dump,” the first new music from Boston hardcore legends Colin of Arabia (COA) in ten years. Released through Triple B Records, this five-track EP showcases the raw, unfiltered aggression and signature gritty riffs that fans have come to expect from COA.

Trauma Dump” was recorded under the expertise of Alex Garcia-Rivera, known for his work with American Nightmare, at Mystic Valley Studios. The recording process eschewed digital manipulation, with tracks laid down directly to analog tape, ensuring an authentic, raw sonic experience.

Frontman Colin Campbell delivers vocals that are as aggressive as they are direct. The EP’s lyrical themes take aim at contemporary issues, from the pervasive “attention economy” to the harrowing opioid crisis gripping America, along with reflections on the everyday struggles of life.

In a playful twist, COA transformed Colin into a puppet for the music video of their swift opener, “15 Seconds Of Fame”!

With the “Trauma Dump” EP, COA solidifies their reputation as a band that remains true to their roots, unapologetically delivering music on their terms.

COA is set to electrify some venues with upcoming shows including:

10/28 at Columbus Club, Framingham, MA, featuring Damnation A.D.
12/2 at The Middle East, Boston, MA, as part of America’s Hardcore Fest.

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