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COLT 45 discuss their debut album

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My daughter’s first punk rock listen ever, UK’s COLT 45, are back with their debut full length! I teamed up with the band and Visible Noise label to unveila  bit more about this new, addictive outing. Watch the band’s new video for the track “O.K.” and read my second interview, or as I like to call it, “a quick update” from COLT 45 below!

Please note that this is probably the only article about COLT 45 not containing the word “catchy”, haha! I hope that gives you clearer idea of how these guys roll. Enjoy!


Ho ho ho, we meet again! :) What’s up guys? How are you?

Hello! We’re all good…we’ve been enjoying the rare days of sunshine up here in Cumbria for the last week or so and rehearsing eagerly for our upcoming shows.

Ok, so let’s capture what being on the verge of the release of a long-awaited debut album feels like. How does it feel? Are you satisfied?

It feels exciting! The album comes out in just a couple of weeks now but we recorded it back in February and ever since then we’ve just wanted people to hear it. I’m really satisfied with how it’s turned out…this is something we’ve all dreamed of since we were kids so we worked really hard leading up to recording and I think it paid off.

Any regrets whatsoever? :)

Erm…at the minute, no…but ask me in 6 months and you might get a different answer haha.

COLT 45 promo

What are some of the promotion plans of this new record? Tell us more about distribution deals, record release shows, and other standard or custom ideas for telling the world about “The Tide Is Turning”.

I don’t know much about distribution deals haha… Adam’s really on the ball in that sense and we benefit from having good management! I do know that we’re playing an album launch show in Carlisle (which is where we’re based) at the Brickyard on Sat 9th August! We’ve got some good friends on the bill and we can’t wait for that one! We’re also gonna be doing an acoustic instore and signing session at HMV in Carlisle the week the album comes out, so that’s a first for us! Other than that we just want to take the songs on the road and play them to as many people as possible.

Is there one or a couple of tracks that stand out for you, are decidedly groundbreaking in production, etc.? Give me a little background on your favourite tracks from the record.

For me, one of the things we worked really hard on was trying to make all the songs as strong as each other. I think too many bands just put 3 singles on the start of a CD and claim its an album. On “The Tide Is Turning” I think all the songs compliment each other really well, and I’d like to think the songs hold up from first to last.

As promised the last time we talked, you played a couple of gigs and even hit the Download Festival tent stage. How was it? How were the rest of the shows?

Download was spot on! The tent was really busy when we played, folk were singing along to the tunes…it probably couldn’t have went any better. All the shows have been going well recently…I think with all the added press and stuff we’ve been getting more people coming to the shows, so that’s always nice for us.

Touring wise, what have you got planned for the coming months?

We’re really looking forward to playing down in Cornwall at Leopalooza! We’ve heard a lot of good things about the festival and THE COMPUTERS are playing who we all love watching, so that should be a good one. And from there we’ll drive back up the length of the country for our first time at Kendal Calling, which is pretty local for us, so that’ll be cool! Then at the end of the summer after all the festivals we’re gonna be going out and doing some dates all over the country as a sort of tour to promote the album.

How about the rest of the Old Continent or hitting the US? Are you looking forward to a change of scenery?

Haha…well we’d love to hit the good old US of A for a tour, but realistically we wanna stick to the UK for now I think…there’s still plenty of work for us to do here…touring really is one of my favourite things to do, going to new places and seeing the sights so the thought of going to somewhere like America eventually is a really exciting prospect.

Okay guys. That’s all from me. Thanks for the quick update! Till next time!

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COLT 45 new album

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