COMADRE recording their new full length [UPDATE]

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COMADRE have checked in from the studio while recording their new album. See the message from the band below.

[UPDATE, June 27, 2012] The band is documenting their recording process on their official blog. Check it out here, here and here.

[UPDATE, September 13, 2012] The band put up some photos from their full-length recording sessions. Go here to check’em out.

Here’s some photos from DAY 1 of many more to come in the process of recording our new full-length. As we’ve stated before, we are long overdue for a full-length, so we are making sure to take our damn sweet time on this one. We gave ourselves no due date and no rush, so hold on tight cause this might be a while till you hear a new song. But just to get the ball rolling on some excitement (cause we for sure as hell are), here are some sneak peaks on what you can expect of the new record. We’re trying out a bunch of new thing, and so far everything is sounding awesome. It is of course being recorded at The Atomic Garden, which is owned and operated by Jack.

One thing you can notice is that we set up the drums in the warehouse next door to his studio to get some crazy reverb off that huge room. And this of course is all going to tape. We also only recorded a handful of songs, still have more to write and more to get down in the coming months. Next up are the guitars for these few songs.

Enjoy the photos. More to come in the next few weeks/months. Might also have to sneak in some videos of the process as well :)

Ps…feel free to ASK questions now; I opened that function up on this blog now.

PUBLISHED on June 4, 2012.
UPDATED on June 27, 2012 – photo blogs added.

UPDATED on September 13, 2012 – more photos added.

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