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Connecticut groovy rockers MARVELOUS LIARS premiere new track “Prehab”

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2 years after the release of their debut full length “Another Castaway”, New London, CT rockers MARVELOUS LIARS return with a new record, tracked on the same NEVE console* NIRVANA recorded In Utero on, as well as John Lennon’s Double Fantasy and AC/DC’s Back in Black, so the experience must have been surreal! The first single “Prehab” comes as a well crafted statement from a blossoming talent that embraces various rock influences and some indisputable classics, renders smoky riffs and delivers fun rock’n’roll with a modern edge to it. Listen below.

The new self-titled record by the MARVELOUS LIARS comes out on July 21st on Telegraph Recording Company.

The band commented:

To us, ” Prehab” is about getting out of your own head. Whether it’s discovering meaning in things you might have overlooked, or having and eye-opening experience about something, the song has a very out-of-body feel to it. Plus, it’s just a fun song to play; it grooves a lot more than some of our other material.

* Restored by Vintage King Audio, the Neve 8068 MkII console board is now located at Power Station New England and THE MARVELOUS LIARS are the first band in CT to record on it since it’s acquisition! GO HERE to read more about this amazing piece of gear.

Photo by Zack Rubin Photography / Left to right: Nick Cancelmo, Nick Johns, Shane O’Connell.

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