CONSTANTE by Alb'Images, 31.12.19 at the Domino's Bar in lemberg
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CONSTANTE, new screamo band from Rennes, drops new EP!

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Nantes, France based DIY record label Saka Čost (Wormsand, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Catherine Baseball, Canine…etc) has just released a new 2-tracker from new Rennes screamo act CONSTANTE. The band released two songs in 2019 and have already played more than 30 gigs so far. Their new offering features just 2 songs that clock in at little under 20 minutes (!), and offer a lot less harsh and less dissonant instrumentals than your typical emoviolent and screamo hardcore bands out there. This creates a unique atmosphere, smartly dissects screamo rhetoric and thanks to that, the whole thing feels genuinely exciting. Great record.

This Rennes-based trio started playing shows almost one year ago and have gone straight playing more than thirty gigs including a first European tour to Belarus with their friends Tromblon (hardcore, Caen). This first EP titled “Constante” brings together two tracks recorded and released separately. Through « À marée basse, les angoisses » and « Du plomb dans l’aile », Constant pours all their misery and sadness with lyrics telling a dull everyday life and morose, empty choices. A first effort of nearly 18 minutes reminiscent of bands like Birds in Row, Daïtro, Aussitôt Mort… Constante’s desire is to tour as much as possible to escape from their everyday life. The band will be on tour from December 27 to January 4.

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