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CONVERGE interviewed by Alter The Press

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CONVERGE‘s Kurt Ballou recently sat down with Alter The Press magazine to answer a few questions.


Kurt about the band’s new album:

I think it’s a logical progression for Converge. It still sounds like Converge, we’re still using the same vocabulary that we’ve used on the last few records and it’s still the same writing team, so it’s not totally out of left field, but we do push ourselves towards doing something different. One thing that we always try to do is make sure that each song has its own personality, because a lot of bands that are our contemporaries tend to write songs that are all in the same key with riffs and parts that might be interchangeable from song to song, so we really try to make sure each song is its own entity. In comparison, our last album was more of a long, flowing piece of work, where as this record is really just a bunch of self-contained songs. It’s more like a collection of singles. I wouldn’t say that there are no stand-out songs, because at least I like to think that they’re all stand-out, but every song is apart from the others. It’s a set of strong Converge songs, each of which is different to the previous. I know the thing that differentiates it from the previous albums is that we didn’t collaborate with any of our friends or any other artists. All the production, the playing, the songwriting, the artwork and everything involved with the creative process for this record was done by the band.

Go here to read the whole thing.

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