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Copenhagen post punks WRITHE premiere new song & video “Bedbug”

WRITHE band by Matilde Raaby
WRITHE by Matilde Raaby
WRITHE , a recently formed post-punk trio from Copenhagen (DK), will release their first-ever single “Bedbug” on the 17th of January , along with a music video.  The song will be the first track to be released from Writhe ’s EP, which is set to be released by the end of February.

“Bedbug” is, thematically speaking, a sort of tip-of-the-hat to Franz Kafka’s classic novel, “ Die Verwandlung ”(eng. “Metamorphosis”) – and the sound on the track is quite the natural companion to such a gloomy and strange universe; it is raw DIY-aesthetics with an outspoken melodious drive at its core. On “ Bedbug ”, like in Kafka, the “I” finds himself standing by the side of the bed, tearing off his human skin to reveal the monstrosity that is his true self.

Writhe single

The three-track EP is a shadowy world of sound – and the accompanying lyrics is no different; self-loathing, visions of doom and desperation are the nucleus of all that is Writhe . The shadows, though, aren’t impermeable. A sense of brotherhood and an unbending loyalty to some kind of abstract Humanity shines a light through the otherwise all-encompassing darkness. Nick Magnusson, Tobias Hendil and Anders Vestergaard may very well be the three people behind Writhe – but their music seeks to reach out to us, the listeners, and pull us into their gloomy world of shadows – and just maybe, we’ll get to see the other side of the darkness.

“Bedbug” attempts to present a story about our ‘human’ civilization – or lack hereof – as selfish, lust-driven and tragically unable to comprehend that the ground on which we stand is crumbling beneath our feet.

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