CORRECTION – “Weaken The Stronghold” [EP] (2014)

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CORRECTION – “Weaken The Stronghold” [EP] (2014) 

CORRECTION is a new hardcore band featuring members of ANCHOR and SECTARIAN VIOLENCE and this is their debut 7”, available for free download. Your donations will help give these guys more free time to develop this project.

Maybe you remember CORRECTION from their demo (Flophouse #1, what the fuck is up?), but it’s time to check back in with this Gothenburg, Sweden straight edge hardcore punk powerhouse. This batch of songs, intended to be a 7″ for CTW Records in Europe, step up the crusty Scandi vibes (or “Kängiga skandivibbar” pa Svenska). You can expect a caustic combination of: Judge, Skitsystem, Citizens Arrest, Mob 47, and maybe an oddball like Darkthrone (or something… I don’t fuck with that shit). These over the top, hyper-political/critical lyrics aim their sights first at the lowest hanging Swedish fruit: “Intellectual sewer / No substance abusers / Disposable Culture / Energy leakage for habitual users.” Fucking hard. / COKE BUST



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