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COWARDS streaming new track of their upcoming EP “Still”

Parisian sludge/metallic hardcore horde COWARDS have posted another track off their new EP “Still”, featuring guest vocals by M. (FANGE, CALVAIIRE). Recorded by Francis Caste, the record will be out December 2nd on 12″ vinyl via Throatruiner Records and Terrain Vague, and Deadlight Entertainment for the CD edition. “Still” is already available for preorder from the labels.

“Far from resting on the laurels earned with their monumental second full-length, 2015’s “Rise To Infamy”, Paris most nothing COWARDS keep it busy with “Still”. This brand new EP gather all their abilities – the sharpest riffing, the vilest grooves – on side A, with three tracks between thuggish sludge, unmoshable hardcore and knife-fighting black metal. Side B features two life-crushing covers (The Police “Every Breath You Take” and The Horrorist “One Night In NYC”) in the grand COWARDS tradition, recorded during the Rise To Infamy sessions.

Once again produced by Francis Caste at Sainte Marthe Studios and illustrated by Camille Blanchemain, “Still” crowns these full-time lonewolves as one of the most focused, major acts in today’s metallic hardcore realm. Played by and for people who have strictly zero concern about fitting in any scene, ever.”

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