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Craig Ahead (NYHC) interviewed by Double Cross [UPDATE]

Double Cross webzine has posted their interview with Craig Ahead, the legendary NYHC musician associated with lots of punk icons such as STRAIGHT AHEAD, YOUTH OF TODAY, SICK OF IT ALL, SHELTER, CIV, AGNOSTIC FRONT and more!

Long time friend and occasional DCXX contributor, Lenny Zimkus, spent a good portion of the 90′s as a roadie for Sick Of It All, CIV and Shelter, as well as a handful of other bands. Through out those years of touring, Lenny got to know Sick Of It All bassist, Craig Setari, pretty well and has kept in touch with Craig, long after the roadie work has stopped.

Craig has become a veritable New York Hardcore icon, having played in some of the biggest and best bands (Straight Ahead, Youth of Today, Agnostic Front, Rest In Pieces, Sick Of It All, etc.) to ever emerge out of New York. Lenny pitched the idea to me that he’d like to interview Craig for DCXX, so naturally I told him that the floor was all his.

This is part one of a multiple entry interview. Huge thanks to Lenny and Craig for making this happen and of course Ken for the photos. -Tim DCXX

Go here, here and here to read the interview.

PUBLISHED on October 27, 2012.
UPDATED on November 15, 2012 – part III added.

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