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Craig Taylor-Broad premieres new record, explores boundless opportunities of tender, nostalgic vibes of dark ambient indie folk

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Cornwall-based songwriter/photographer Craig Taylor-Broad just announced the release of a double A-side due out March 3rd on all online platforms including iTunes and Bandcamp with art by brilliant Cornwall based artist and musician, Olive Haigh. “‘A Bear Inside Your Belly’ is an autobiographical song based on something that plagued Craig’s mind throughout 2016 and in turn created the feelings evident on ‘The Big Sleep’”. “Often when something is tormenting me, I feel like the only way I can come to terms with it is by creating and setting it free. So in that respect these songs are selfish, they aren’t for anyone else but me. I hope that people who have been through the same can listen to these songs, relate, and find catharsis through my words however” comments Taylor-Broad and elaborates further:

I don’t know how it is for other people but creativity for me almost feels like an illness i can’t shift. It’s a yingyang of emotions where in the one respect, I hate being so caught up in the process of creativity that i seemingly can’t function unless I’m creating something. In the opposite regard, I find that it’s perhaps the only true coping mechanism for dealing with the constant difficulties that life invariably throws up.

A bear inside your belly and the big sleep are perhaps then an audio representation of what demons I personally faced in 2016 and perhaps without creativity, it’s a year I wouldn’t have survived, as dramatic as that sounds. A miscarriage in the year plagued me and the fallout it had on both my relationship with my partner alongside our ongoing mental states lead to the creation of these works. There seems to be a plethora of information on pregnancy and when it goes right but very little in regards to what to expect when it goes wrong. As we left the hospital full of shock that day we weren’t discussed with how this piece of news would shake everything to the core, disrupting our confidence, our love for each other, our life plans and ultimately our will to live.

This single is for myself, as evidence that i can overcome one of the hardest acts I’ve had to witness. Hopefully it can act as evidence that you, the listener, can overcome whatever hardship you are currently dealing with, and craft something positive with it.

Listen to both new tracks below and be sure to head over here to read our in-depth interview, breaking down Craig’s creative process, the difficult subject of depression, and a lot more.

Tip live photo by Chris Trevena

“I recommend spending time with Craig Taylor-Broad’s music, perhaps not at a wedding though, unless you are the jilted other party.” – Emerging Indie Band

“Without doubt, one of my favourite musical discoveries of the past few years.” – Scene Point Blank

“A musician who’s made a strong impression on me.” – Bandjack

“You have to respect and commend Craig Taylor-Broad for facing up to these demons through the medium of music.” – Rock Transmission

Craig Taylor-Broad

Photography by Philip Trengove / Make-up and styling by Jo Chatterley / Clothing supplied by Enjoy Clothing, Truro



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