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CRO-MAGS share Quarantine Show live set

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NYHC pioneers CRO-MAGS have recently canceled their New York’s Webster Hall show with BODY COUNT due to the spread of the coronavirus, and instead, played a special “quarantine show”, promoted with a special live stream that can now be watched throught the video above.

This show was dedicated to everyone who is suffering through this pandemic, those who have become sick, everyone living under quarantine, those who are out of work for who knows how long; to everyone, all over the world.

Try to be calm, don’t turn on each other; we will make it through this. – Harley Flanagan

Flanagan commented about the venue and his neighbourhood when he was a young kid:

“It had been closed down when I was a kid. I played there that same year with my band the Stimulators — I was just 13 years old. I got to play there several more times in the Eighties with the Cro-Mags in several different incarnations. We did some legendary shows with bands I was honored to play with. We even headlined a show on the Best Wishes tour where we premiered many of the songs from that record at Webster Hall. It was always a great place to go see shows and an even better place to play.

Years later, there were some unfortunate events that took place there that sadly overshadowed many of my great memories. But now I get to reclaim and restore that feeling of positive energy once and for all, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Flanagan continued:

“I am very unhappy that the show with Body Count this weekend was canceled by Governor Cuomo. I was really looking forward to it, but I am more sad for the many people who are going to be out of work for who knows how long, and for those who have become ill from this terrible disease. We all must take extra precautions these days, but we will learn how to deal with this like we have learned how to deal with deadly diseases in the past. Be safe, be strong and be smart. The show will be rescheduled, and life will go on. Eventually we will all be ‘killed by death’ — just ask Lemmy. If it’s not one thing it will be another, but life will go on. And so will this show.”


1. We Gotta Know
2. Down But Not Out
3. World Peace
4. Show You No Mercy
5. No One’s Victim
6. Steal My Crown
7. These Streets
8. Street Justice
8. Death Camps
9. Don’t Talk About It
10. Hard Times
11. Apocalypse Now

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