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Croatian metal/hardcore vets E.N.D. premiere new video for the intense shredder “Blinded By Avarice”

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Geenger Records have premiered a brand new video from our recent guests, Croatian groove metal trio E.N.D.! “Blinded by Avarice” is the opening track to the band’s latest EP “A Grave Deceit”.

The song’s subject is today’s reality, uncertainty as its key quality, and our unpreparedness for the future. Filmed in dimly-lit, dystopian-looking surroundings and backed up by mathematically constructed riffs and precise rhythm sequences, the video intensifies the track’s prophetic lyrics and drives its message home.

E.N.D. once again blow up everything around them with their relentless dynamics, undisputed precision, and menacing aggression. Enjoy while you can.

E.N.D. - A Grave Deceit promo on IDIOTEQ

Blinded by Avarice lyrics:

The decay of what we know, what we took for granted
Completely unprepared, unable to avoid
Distorted perception of values among us
Pushing us backward each day we live through
Future passed on painstakingly

Vanished through the pit of negligence
Always grasping, never really satisfied
What we are afraid of is what we’ll become

Blinded by avarice, spineless decree
Slowly dispersing, losing control
Blinded by avarice, spineless decree
Slowly dispersing, spreading like a disease

Self-destruction mode is on
Bypass empathy, no mercy for the weak
Follow your leader, question nothing
Suffocate in your greed

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