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Crossover thrash legends S.O.D. reunite!

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Crossover thrash veterans from S.O.D. (feat. Billy Milano of M.O.D. and ANTHRAX members Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and Danny Lilker) will reunite for a 30th anniversary celebration at next year’s Black N Blue Bowl fest in New York City! Check out thbe official word from Billy, issued for the The New York Hardcore Chronicles 1979-2015 group:

Greeting SOD fans around the world..
Apparently people are still interested in seeing SOD live. I salut you. During my interview with black and blue radio I had mentioned how we SOD would love to do the reunion we started to discuss at your show the black and blue bowl. So let me be specific to what was discussed before hand by me and Missi at megaforce records in ny. its a 30 year anniversary for SODs record speak english or die. Megaforce has something amazing coming out for the celebration. During our original correspondence via e-mail she proposed “would it be cool to do a reunion show” To my surprise we all said yes it sounds fun. While I dont like and get along with Charlie and Scott the bottom line is this I said on the radio with joe, jimmy and you guys that we would love to make it happen at the black and blue bowl. we have to see if we can get everyones schedule to line up and be on board. But let me now go further because at the end of the day I am hardcore and hardcore is forever in my soul. If we dont do the black and blue bowl its not because of me and lilker. Lilker would play a street fair and I would help clean up after its done. Hardcore punk forever in my heart. On another note, If I didnt mention doing the show now then the possibilty of it happening is even less because of Scott and Charlies other obligations. They now have plenty of advance time to make 2 days of hardcore history happen. If it doesnt happen its not my fault. If they don’t do the show then I swear on my dog Busters memory I will never do SOD ever again.
I am in the process of finishing up the new MOD. “BUSTED, BROKE and AMERICAN” it should be ready to roll at the time of the festival. If Charlie and Scott blow it MOD will be happy to play and do a special SOD set live for the fans. I am also entertaining doing my spoken word, comedy show at an after party.
I look forward to my return to Black and Blue radio, Lets hope that Scott and Charlie honor their inclusion to the NYHC punk history that we wrote. I was there!
Respectfully Billy Milano.
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