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“We are CRUCIAL POINT” #1 – new hc/punk video premiere

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What better way to showcase some details of local hardcore scene than by sharing first-hand insights through a nice little video documentary? Our German friends from Berlin’s CRUCIAL POINT know exactly what’s up and they’ve put together a nice documentary / live music video that kicks off a series of a couple more instalments, comprising their look behind the scenes and reflections on the band and the DIY hardcore scene.

Today, we’re pleased to give you the first part of the documentary, in which the band’s vocalist Oliver talks about his experiences, fears and what hardcore means to him today. Each of the upcoming episodes will grant a closer look on the band’s members, their origin, growth and goals within CRUCIAL POINT.

CRUCIAL POINT are currently working on their new material, possibly a follow-up to their self-titled record, released in late October last year.

Recorded, directed and edited by Hannes Greve. Special thanks to Juri Horst & Enzo Lahr for additional filming.


We neither believe in a god nor religion or its institutions. We also absolutely oppose sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, racism and any other oppressional mechanisms of society. We support the idea of an anticapitalist and free association of equal and emancipated individuals, which also should be, in our opinion, self-evident in the hc/punk community. No gods, no masters!

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