CRUEL HAND writing new music, teasing new LP on Static Era Records

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Portland, Maine hardcore vets CRUEL HAND released their latest single “Never Be Whole” back in May, and their new label Static Era Records has just released it through Apple, Spotify, etc. Having just finished a European Tour, the band is now back in the States and writing new music. A full length on Static Era Records is expected in the spring. To celebrate, we have teamed up with vicalist Chris Linkovich for a quick Q&A session to get you some more details, both on the new label and their plans for the coming months.

Spawned in the lethargic backwoods of the pine tree state, Portland, Maine’s Cruel Hand play an eclectic blend of styles that embodies anything but the serenity of their surroundings. Formed in 2006, the band’s music represents the heavier, more crushing aspects of the genre that really bloomed and thrived in the mid-’90s through early 2000s.

Cruel Hand’s latest track, “Never Be Whole” on Static Era Records, embodies swinging riffs and catchy hooks that make you want to hit the pit like it owes you money.

“The track has the heavy riffing that we’ve never strayed from plus the infectious chorus’s we’ve been known for in our latter releases.”

Tell us a hit about Static Era label, who’s behind it and should it be considered your new home for future records

Jay Reason, A good friend from back in the day, confronted me last spring about an idea he had for a label. He wanted Cruel Hand and has been a positive force behind our new music ever since. There’s nothing left to consider; we’re stoked that Static Era is our new home and that Jay is at the helm of this thing.

Content wise, what inspired the lyrics for this new track?

Personally, it’s that feeling of hopelessly floating through life. Restlessly trying to obtain your goals and feeling like you may not be getting anywhere. Wanting to create something with lasting value. Wanting to make something of yourself and your vision.

Both record and touring wise, what are your plans for the coming months and 2020?

Just playing it by ear right now. A few of us are in bands that are much more active. Just trying to write these tunes as the inspiration comes. LDB fest in February. Would like to shoot a video.

After all these years doing your thing with this band, what’s inspiring you to keep it up and continue the journey?

I think the fact that it’s not a full time thing and there’s no pressure or deadlines is huge. Were doing it for the fun of it again. Down the line if it gets stale we may step away for a breather like we’ve done in the past. We’re not the kinda band that’s gonna go out “final show style”. That ship has sailed years ago. Now the band can just exist.

How do you feel your local hardcore scene has changed over the years? How thriving it is now compared to your early involvement days?

We seem to be lacking the younger generation in Maine. There’s also a shortage of all ages venue. Kathy and Kave was the heart of our scene and she had to close those doors. Every other town had a small scene all with their own bands back then. Everyone supporting one another. I would love to see it there again but it’s not up to me, It’s up to the kids.

CRUEL HAND by Gina Bullwinkel
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