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CRUMBSUCKERS exclusive reunion shows booking now!

CRUMBSUCKERS, the 1980s crossover band from Long Island NYC is BACK for some exclusive reunion-shows! Ask for free dates via [email protected]!

In June 1983, the band startet recorded a demo unofficially called “The Crumbsucker Cave” at Nino Studio in Baldwin with five songs, including a cover of Chubby Checker’s “The Twist”. It was with this demo that they landed their first CBGBs showcase, and subsequent Hardcore Matinees.

Following a US tour in 1988, playing with such bands as Sacred Reich and Pantera, Notaro separated himself from the band, citing ‘musical differences’. The band were contracted to fulfill a winter tour in Europe in late 1988, but Notaro’s replacement, Joe Haggerty, failed to deliver the vocal performances which had so much become a trademark of their overall sound.

Within a few weeks of returning home, Haggerty was fired and replaced with a local singer, Craig Allen. New material was written and rehearsed, and Crumbsuckers morphed into the band name Heavy Rain.

This new identity delivered a more radio-friendly rock sound, more akin to Queensryche’s vocals but played with a straight, hard rock feel. Much time was spent recording a considerable number of demos of their new material but nothing was ever officially released. They played the odd showcase, and replaced Allen with a much stronger singer but things did not come together.

The band’s Gary Meskil recently commented regarding the bands first performance in nearly a decade follows:


We are thrilled and fortunate to be able to reunite CRUMBSUCKERS for Black N’ Blue Bowl 2015! The last time we hit the stage together was for a full house at BB King’s (NYC) in 2006, and in 2015 we plan for another strong showing and to represent the band in true form once again!

Here’s our official lineup for the show:

Chris Notaro (Vocals)
Chuck Lenihan (Guitar)
Gary Meskil (Bass)
Adam Phillips (Guitar)
Dan Richardson (Drums)Thanks to Freddy Cricien (and his persistence) for making this a reality, and thanks to the fans for their undying passion, dedication and support!We’re looking forward to seeing you all in May!

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