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D-beat crust grinders from DRÅP stream their LP in full

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“En Naturlig Död” was released in May 2014 on EMF Records.

This is just to destroy, kill and slaughter in the tradition of bands like SKITSYSTEM even thought not quite like this band because the last killer instinct is missing after all. But nevertheless, the sound is really cool and great CRUST! Very well mixed and mastered. For me, definitely an album which I can recommend. And I’m waiting now for the second album and I hope that then the beast not only rages around, I hope it has the absolute death bite and will kill to the point exactly. / Brutalism

If you’re a grindcore enthusiast you won’t want to miss this. / Obscure Chaos

We enjoy and actually hear the concept that more varied from the intoning of crust rhythm that solid, more aggressive, ruthless and emotional nuances in the scope which more noticeably on the old school beat that played by ‘ DRÅP‘, a Band that originated inSundsvall, Sweden, that we think creating fresher concept from the discrust harmonism that they play.  We also see ‘ Drap ‘ many put the tempo or beats of old school death, Grind, and Doom.  But whatever it is,  ‘Drap‘ keep really evoke a sense of our emotional by playing riffs from the Basic of discrustelements with more varied display, more nuanced but impressed simpler to enjoy. / MetalBleedingCorp
The band’s first album “En Naturlig Död” or “In Natural Death” is extremely cathartic and as ferocious and unrelenting as a pack of honey badgers. (I always wanted to name drop honey badgers into one of my reviews because they’re hard as nails, fight bigger animals to the death and eat scorpions for breakfast, so thank you DRÅP for being the right band.) You won’t get any subtlety on this album – it is pure balls to the wall chugging riffs, and supremely pissed off hardcore vocals. There are definitely no whiney emo moments or soft breakdowns on this album! / Metal Temple

Go here to read an interview with DRAP, conducted by Voices From The Darkside magazine.

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