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MORE DANGEROUS THAN A THOUSAND OF RIOTERS – “With Spades and Hoes and Plows” video

MORE DANGEROUS THAN A THOUSAND OF RIOTERS marked one of the most interesting discoveries of 2014 and I am pleased to inform you that they’re about to release the album on LP this summer!  Recorded live by Amaury Sauvé (BIRDS IN ROW, NINE ELEVEN, AS WE DRAW, RODEO IDIOT ENGINE, …) in February, “More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters” is a masterpiece of more complex, mathy hardcore, a perfect offering for those who truly embrace exploring far more interesting territories than simple bangin’ based on repetitive beatdowns and tough guy stomps. Highly recommended! 

Photo by Daniel.


“But the gentry must come down
And the poor shall wear the crown.
Stand up now diggers all,
Stand up now, stand up now.” (the diggers song)

I can hear his cry to the depths of the mine,
His tears won’t fill the coalfield but my heart.
I made my life in this hand-dug shrine,
A life between firedamps and carts.
I have to put up with it, no he won’t
Be a prizefighter but a ballet dancer.
I don’t want to be a scab, no I don’t.
A choice between my son and colliers.

“Your houses they pull down stand up now, stand up now” (the diggers song)

Months of strike cut into my meager savings,
Lesson tickets for my son aren’t expensive but i can’t afford it anymore.
I’ll feel ashamed, but now I’ll sit down and go back in the mine.

Four centuries apart, diggers and miners,
They didn’t give up.
Kings and lawyers,
Same attitude, same shared interests.


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