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DANZIG confronts a photographer at Bonnaroo festival 2012

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GLENN DANZIG confronted a photographer violating the the no filming rules during this year’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. commented:

As a personal rule, I tend to speak unfavorably about Bonnaroo bands who donโ€™t allow media into the press pit. After all, it is the press pit. But hey, sometimes, for whatever reason, your services are not needed. For Danzig Legacy, we let that slide, considering they at least let us in the sweet spot. The muscle-bound godfather of horror-core strictly forbade celluloid of any sort. No photo, no video, and some would-be photogs seen snapping a shot were sometimes squirted with water guns by security.

In fact, Glenn himself took issue with one photog in particular. The shutterbug in question was our own Michael W. Bunch, who was photographing some people in the crowd dancing. Mid-song, Danzig ran to the side the of the stage pointing and screaming before approaching security and then proceeded to run all the way past the side stage, almost into the crowd to “walk among us.” As you can see from the exclusive footage above, security soon slowed his roll, and Danzig returned to stage after a matter of minutes. (More on the performance in Lance’s post.) Bunch told us that he was certain “Danzig was going to kick [his] ass.” Awesome.

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