NOOSE kicked out from Refuse Records

Robert from Refuse Records has issued a statement regarding Chicago’s NOOSE and its “departure” from the label.

Here’s the official word:

NOOSE is officially kicked out from Refuse Records (as a first band ever related with my label ). There will be no second pressing of the EP. I feel sorry for everyone who felt excluded and offended by pseudo-militant and intolerant statements of the singer of Noose on stage and his behaviours on the road. I promise to be more careful with the touring bands and bands signed on Refuse Records. I’ll keep my standards higher than ever from now.

I want to thank you for everyone involved in booking the shows and helping us out in any way. I feel sorry for everyone who needed to cancel the shows , losing their time and money on it. Special thanks (merci!) to Nab and Pablo for all the support and hospitality while we ‘re waiting in Toulouse to get our van fixed. Thanks for Gabi and Barcelona crew for support and benefits (I promise to visit you again other time asap). Also special THANX to all the Toulouse Antifascists and Hardcore Punx who were supporting us when local neo-nazis in Toulouse tried to attack my friend Grzesiek (driver on this tour) and me on the streets of Toulouse with defunct van behind us. This is real international solidarity and DIY network . Thank you. Salut !

Some of the commentators added:

Scumbags like the Noose vocalist will always try to downplay their shitty behaviour. He is a bully and finally met somebody that stood up to him after all the shit he has done. Shouting from the stage “either you are SxE vegan or get the fuck out of here” coupled with bullying, selfish behaviour like his say it all really. Fact that well respected label like Refuse Records seemed fit to release statement about the whole thing and kick them out of his label as a very first band in the history also should say it all. But of course people are more than welcome to go on the tour with this charmer themselves and judge for themselves.


I have conversed with Bucky briefly and I have no knowledge of what happened in this situation, but having seen him perform live, I can say that I am not totally surprised that he may have pissed some folks off. He is quite direct in what he says and his beliefs. He is quite confrontational. He is quite intolerant of a certain range of beliefs which are in opposition to his own, and he makes it clear what should happen to those people. After hearing his commentary at the show I saw, I can honestly say that he does more to turn people against him and the beliefs he espouses then he should.


People hating on Bucky’s actions have listened to the band and read the lyrics before attending a show right?


“You put a frame around suffering, I’d like to see you hanging,” is so easy to sing along to, but hearing those lyrics said without the band playing is offensive. Baffling.

Bucky from NOOSE commented:

I am not going to litter the internet with personal drama. I will just say this:

Noose is not necessarily “broken up”.

We do not have a drummer right now, however, and that is why we are unable to finish the tour.

A number of unfortunate events took place that led us to this point. I am partly to blame but not wholly to blame. Whatever anyone says just keep this in mind: no on involved did anything truly awful. Conflicts of personality and a great deal of miscommunication created a toxic situation and that’s all you need to know. If anyone tells you anything different they’re misinformed.

I am, from the bottom of my heart, genuinely sorry about having to cancel on people. Anyone setting up any of the shows who ends up losing money because the tour was cancelled should contact me and we can talk about setting things right.


NOOSE live:

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