DANZIG to release a covers album

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DANZIG have been in the studio finishing up and mixing a covers album, which they plan to release this late summer/early fall.

The band will premiere the track “Devil’s Angels” from the record on radio stations in some of the cities where they will perform on their upcoming tour, which begins in a few weeks. It was originaly the theme song for the late ’60’s biker film of the same title. In regards to his decision to cover “Devil’s Angels“, mastermind Glenn Danzig comments:

I’ve wanted to record this song since 1979 and this is exactly the same arrangement I had for it back then, so it pretty much sounds like that late ’70s style of mine. I’m really happy with the way it turned out; it actually came out much better than I had hoped it would. We’re going to be playing it live on these upcoming shows.

DANZIG live:

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