Witness Chamber by Caden Bostik
Witness Chamber by Caden Bostik
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DAZE label drops True Delusion EP by metallic hardcore pack WITNESS CHAMBER

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Witness Chamber, the metallic hardcore sensation from Boise, ID, is back with an electrifying EP, True Delusion, now available on DAZE. Their latest offering comes after their much-acclaimed 2021 EP, Paradise Awaits. The new EP sees the band masterfully evolve their signature metallic sound, delivering six riveting tracks that delve deep into existentialism, capturing its myriad complexities.

Influenced by powerhouse bands like Foundation, Dying Fetus, and Division Of Mind, Witness Chamber’s True Delusion is a stormy mix of introspective lyrics and hard-hitting music. The band explores pressing societal issues, from religious doctrines to the impact of media, through a thought-provoking existential lens. The guest vocals of Jess Nyx (Mortality Rate) and Maximus Hall (Ego Death) add layers to Chad Pingree’s impassioned vocals, making it a powerhouse of metallic hardcore.

Distorted Sound raves about it as “Brawling, savage metallic hardcore… reaching back to the early 2000s for some punishing breakdowns,” while Boolin Tunes appreciates the record’s honesty and says, “On True Delusion, Witness Chamber remains true to themselves throughout.”

The sonic excellence of True Delusion was achieved with the expert touch of Ryan Morgan (Misery Signals) at The Tonic Room in Boise, mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit, and mastered by Nick Townsend at Infrasonic Sound. Vinyl aficionados can rejoice as DAZE has the EP up for preorder, combining both True Delusion and Paradise Awaits in one record for the first time.

Catch Them Live:

9/21: Toronto, ON – Experience the storm at Hard Luck Bar alongside Gates To Hell.

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