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‘Dead Formats Vol. 2’ by Pure Noise Records conjures the past, present, and future – listen now!

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In a new sonic offering that fuses nostalgia with fresh energy, Pure Noise Records and Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) have released ‘Dead Formats Volume 2,‘ a 15-track compilation album featuring current bands covering iconic songs. From Elton John and The Kinks to Jawbreaker and Nirvana, the album stands as a testament to the timeless power of these tracks while offering a glimpse into the creativity of today’s alternative scene.

The compilation album includes The Bouncing Souls offering a high-energy rendition of Toots And The Maytals’ “In The Dark,” Action/Adventure taking on Lifehouse’s radio favorite “Hanging By A Moment,” and Sad Park giving their spin on Fountains of Wayne’s “Sink To The Bottom.” Each cover serves as a respectful nod to the original while imbuing it with a fresh perspective that only these contemporary bands could provide.

Action/Adventure, a band known for their soulful exuberance, takes on Lifehouse’s 2000 hit “Hanging By A Moment.” Vocalist Blake tells the kind of story that underscores the symbiotic relationship between artist and art form. “When we have time on the road, the band makes a point of stopping at a local bar for some karaoke,” he says, invoking visions of neon-lit bars and ephemeral moments of communal euphoria. Blake reveals how their cover song was no random choice but an evolution of a love affair that started in disparate taverns and culminated in this carefully crafted rendition.

Let’s not sidestep the genius of the album’s thematic creation. Much like its predecessor, ‘Dead Formats Volume 2′ pays homage to the essence of the ’90s and 2000s alternative compilations that birthed the subcultures of yesterday—think Punk O Rama or the Vans Warped Tour Comps. It’s a generational passing of the torch, encouraging the discovery of new, audacious talents while resonating with the nostalgic undercurrents of the originals.

This is aptly captured by Josh Feingold, Senior Director of Marketing Partnerships at Pabst Blue Ribbon: “PBR has a long history of engaging and supporting artists, so for us to be able to work with Pure Noise is really special. We love this concept and knowing that the artists involved had fun putting this together makes it all rewarding.” If anything, it makes one ponder on the album as a textured canvas, each cover a stroke of auditory paint that imbues the work with layered meaning.

Here’s the kicker, though—the album isn’t just a digital or ephemeral presence. It’s been grounded in a tangible, spin-me-around vinyl format, and comes accompanied by a range of merch that strikes a perfect harmony between the indie ethos of Pure Noise Records and the quintessentially American spirit of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In a landscape of music that often feels churned out for the masses, ‘Dead Formats Volume 2’ is an intimate, handcrafted letter penned with love and inked in nostalgia, rebellion, and ceaseless innovation. It’s a record that doesn’t just revisit the past; it reinvents it. And in the process, it may just reveal what the future holds for a genre that refuses to be boxed in.

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