BROKEN VOW by Emily Hartmann
BROKEN VOW by Emily Hartmann
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BROKEN VOW sounds the alarm with “Reversal”: A Hardcore Clarion Call to Save Our Planet

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Listen to the soundtrack of a world on the edge of calamity, where the riffs are metallic and the urgency is palpable. This isn’t a summer blockbuster or the plot of a dystopian novel. This is “Reversal,” the latest offering from New England’s own hardcore apostles, Broken Vow, introduced last month via Triple B Records.

“Reversal” sets the stage for their much-anticipated album, Anthropocene, slated for release on September 29th via Triple B Records. Like a storm on the horizon, the single follows the first release “1.5,” extending Broken Vow’s haunting narrative on the symbiotic and often destructive relationship between humanity and Earth.

Reversal” is an alarm clock you can’t snooze, a sonic boom in your headphones. Imagine vocals so fired-up they could ignite a revolution, backed by riffs as hefty as the moral weight of climate change. Influences from bands like Undying and Earth Crisis seep through the music like molten lava, a fiery cauldron that demands your attention.

As vocalist Tommy Harte points out, “When we lose nature and we destroy the Earth, we lose and destroy ourselves too.”

The band — composed of Tommy Harte on vocals, Harrison Sacco and Evan Stein on guitars, Max Holsbeke on drums, and Olin May on bass — has taken their artistry to a whole new level with Anthropocene.

In a world dulled by the continuous noise of despair, they’ve cranked the volume up to 11. Recorded and mixed at The Spot in New Haven, Connecticut, and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, Massachusetts, the album is engineered for maximum impact. It’s a tour-de-force of nine tracks, each a sledgehammer against complacency.

Songs like “Burning Your Throne” and “No More Air” suggest the album’s breadth, marrying the power of metal riffs with the unyielding intensity of hardcore. Inspired by bands like Strife, xRepentancex, and Hopesfall, Anthropocene weaves together a tapestry of anthems that are both gut-wrenching and uplifting. The lyrical landscape navigates through environmental despair and social injustices, yet emerges as a testament to the bands that raised Broken Vow, reinforcing their commitment to make a lasting impact.

Already, the band has a couple of explosive live shows on the docket, promising to bring this juggernaut of an album to life. Mark your calendars for November 1st in Holyoke, MA, and again on November 13th in Hamden, CT. Their show on November 24th in Troy, NY, tantalizingly billed as “No Fun,” promises to be anything but.

Anthropocene isn’t just an album; it’s a wake-up call.

The word itself refers to an epoch defined by human activity’s significant impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystems. With “Reversal,” Broken Vow isn’t just giving us a song; they’re handing us a mirror. So, when the album drops on September 29th, available for preorder, listen carefully.

These aren’t just tracks; they’re manifestos, ones that might just stir you to action. Because as Tommy Harte urges, reconnecting with our Mother Earth might be the only reversal we have left.

Broken Vow is Tommy Harte (vocals), Harrison Sacco (guitar), Evan Stein (guitar), Max Holsbeke (drums), and Olin May (bass).

Upcoming Shows:

11/1 – Holyoke, MA @ The Hoff w/ xNomadx, Adrienne, Balmora
11/13 – Hamden, CT @ The Shop w/ Foreign Hands, Balmora
11/24 – Troy, NY @ No Fun

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