DEAD IN THE DIRT’s van broken into

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Atlanta, GA vegan straight edge band DEAD IN THE DIRT‘s van had broken into few days ago. The band have issued the following statement:

So our van was broken into in Portland tonight during our show. More of Heartless’s personals were stolen more than ours. It really is terrible when these things happen. Being in a touring band is not easy on its own without adding this shit on top of it.

If you would like to help make sure you help promote the shows in your town. And support your scene and touring bands like us by getting off your ass and coming to a show.

Sacramento tomorrow and Santa Cruz after. We hope to see you there.

As confirmed by Heartless, several personal bags were taken containing computers, passports, and band money. With the loss of the passports, the Tijuana date may not happen as scheduled.

Here’ are their remaining dates:
June 3 – Riverside, CA @ Maya’s Cafe
June 4 – Escondido, CA@ The Metaphor
June 5 – Tijuana, MX @ The Red Room
June 6 – Las Vegas, NV @ Yayo Taco
June 7 – Tucson, AZ @ The Pound
June 8 – El Paso, TX @ The Love Sprout
June 9 – San Antonio, TX @ 1011
June 10 – Mcallen, TX @ Buck’s Pizza
June 11 – Corpus Christi, TX @ SKO
June 12 – Houston, TX @ Walter’s
June 13 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
June 14 – Panama City, FL @ A & M Theatre
June 15 – Tallahassee, FL @ Ghazi House
June 16 – Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery
June 17 – Miami, FL @ The Talent Farm
June 18 – Jacksonville, FL @ Warehouse 8B
June 19 – Atlanta, GA @ Wonder Root

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