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DEATH OF A NATION – members of DEFEATER & VERSE initiate political debate with their debut track “Don’t Speak For Me”

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No Sleep Records has released the debut track from DEATH OF A NATION, new hardcore band featuring Jason Maas, Sean Patrick Murphy, Andrew Reitz, Matthew Spencer, and Evan White! “Don’t Speak For Me” comes from the band’s debut record, to be detailed soon. All proceeds from this song go to a charity of the band’s choosing, so please do not hesitate to drop in a couple of bucks if you like what you hear. And I guarantee you’ll love it. Not only sonically, but mainly when it comes to its content that’s a compelling commentary and indirect call to action. It’s always great to see such projects, especially when it’s easier to imagine how the world ends rather than how it’s supposed to thrive.

Death of a Nation is a reaction to the world we live in. It is musical journalism. It’s a collection of individuals for whom punk music and ethics has served as the guiding light for their actions and moral compass. It is the cumulative sum of our anger as well as our compassion. As musicians, sound is our canvas, songs our voice. Angst meeting melancholy, rage meeting reflection.

The band commented:

“The Crux of this song is to challenge people to think in a more critical way. To look back at history, see what we can learn from it and put it into practical use for the current political confusion we are now facing. This song is not limited to Trump by any means. We try to go about things in a ‘musical journalism’ sort of way to bridge the gap of communication. We Hope that this approach to music will inspire some heavy debate, clarity on social, environmental, political issues and a new platform to open up dialogue.”


Cut at the throat with a dull knife and sever the head with time.
While apocalyptic engineers and tyrants rule the globe, a brand name cuts everyone in line. Aligning colossal fossil fuel minds and the death of our future right before our eyes.
Trump cards and rich men don’t speak for me.
You’re a cancer spreading, a blanket covered in disease for your so called enemies.
Please, don’t speak for me.
A new dawn is upon us, delegates in bed with racist pigs.
A future distorted, a past erased, the confusion and sway…
In some way we are all victims of a fucked up nation state.
Their houses, a regressive nightmare.
An outdated whitewashed parade of shit.
Don’t speak for me.
You’ve made the bed you lie in.
An empire for you to die in.
JSOC, Blackwater, Cointelpro, new watergates, slave wage, or the trump show.
Narcissistic foreign communication hissy fit demonstrations, expanding wars and drone strikes or mercenary covert operations.
Your iterations don’t speak for me.
Your blood stained policies don’t speak for me.

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