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DECLARATION AD stream new song

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New Zealand’s DECLARATION AD are streaming the title track from their new EP called “Voices”, to be released on January 10th 2013.

declaration ad


The voices are mixing and blurring
But a whisper as they start inching their way inside my mind
But now they’re all too loud and I’m drowned out in the whitewash
The horror I wake to when the thoughts that used to chill my blood
Are at home in my own head. They’ve taken over
And they never cease to speak

Do I know who I am?
When apathy has held my heart
For so long now it feels as if
My convictions have rusted over
Do I know who I am?
It’s like the man I used to be is a ghost
Another life that’s so far from me
Can I even look in the mirror?

The voices shape me
And I never even saw it coming
The voices shape me
I’m sunken in my apathy
The voices shape me
My identity taken from me
The voices shape me
Can I return to be the man I want to be?

Can I return to be the man I want to be?

To the man I want to be


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