DECODER loses the bassist

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Floridian post-hardcore band DECODER has lost 2 members.

As previously announced the band’s vocalist has left the ship. Now Bryce Sipes (bass) announced his departure from the band:

After some great thought I have decided I will no longer be joining my friends in Decoder. I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Here’s my official statement in regards to my departure from the band as tactfully as I can put it: FUCK THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! FUCK RECORD LABELS! FUCK MANAGERS! FUCK BOOKING AGENTS! FUCK ALL THE DIPSHITS WHO WILL SUCK THE COCK OF ANYONE IN A MORE NOTABLE BAND TO TRY AND GET THEIR BAND BIGGER! FUCK ALL YOU FAKE FUCKERS! All you bands who claim to “love your fans” and say you do it for them and then talk shit on them the second they turn around and say things like “oh, we had a talker”. Fuck you. A million times fuck you. You’re all so full of shit and it’s a game that has nothing to do with music. All the friends I made through this band you know who you are. Everyone else can fuck themselves.

Pearson (vocals) commented:

I felt it necessary, for the fans and for the sake of truth, to respond to the allegations imposed recently by Decoder as to why I am no longer in the band. Despite the responses floating around in music news, I was never kicked out for violence and substance abuse; I am setting that record straight right now. I, Spencer Pearson, left the band Decoder on the 25th of January, 2012 by my own decision and purpose generating from bandmate disputes, as well having come to the knowledge that there were different motivations for writing new music. I am not exactly sure where these allegations of substance abuse came from or why, but I can assure everyone that I am neither an alcoholic, nor a drug addict. I find these accusations troubling especially when considering the fact that these were people that I had assumed were acting with me toward evolving a musical affluence at one time. Regardless, music is the passion that drives me forward in all things; it is the locomotive process that transmits the regular potential of my mind into a fully kinetic expression of everything I am – who I want to be. My leaving Decoder is not to be seen as a sign of giving up on my dream of music, but more to the point that I came to the realization that Decoder just wasn’t the dream I was looking for. Despite how this has all seemed to transpire since the 25th, I still wish all of them the best in this situation with the hope that we can keep any further allegations at bay and focus on the art form. As for myself, I have been lining up some things over the past week, and be prepared to hear from me in the very near future. I want to thank all my fans, supporters, and friends for believing in me and the music.


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