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DISCORD – “Fade Away” video

Belgrade, Serbia’s DISCORD have premiered a music video for their song “Fade Away”.

DISCORD was found back in ’97. This band of punks was already known in local scene that played in Belgrade’s str8 edge and hardcore bands before. First EP was recorded in the summer same year, containing 4 songs bursting through the hard times of civil war and hunger. Through out years band made material which was basically recorded on S-VHS tape then remastered after NATO bombing of their country. Released material was called “Gathering” and like first EP was DIY. Band faced police ban and was unable to play until the political changes in Serbia. Discord shared stage with names such as: Madball, Agnostic Front, 25 Ta Life, Born From Pain, Soulfly, Pro-Pain… Second full length came in 2006. called “Presence”, also DIY, that made Discord one of the few in Europe, real hardcore punk, true to the cause. Sound of the band is influenced from Bauhaus up to the Integrity, proving that hardcore is a movement of wideness and social awareness. We saw death, newborn life and decay, so… support us or hate us, we don’t care!

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