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LA ORQUESTRA EL MACABEO- Lluvia Con Sol- Meneo – 9
(The Orquestra el Macabeo is one of the big sensations of current Puerto Rico’s „old school“ salsa revival. The self-proclaimed rockeros con guille de salseros (“rockers posing as a salsa band”) – the twelve musicians have backgrounds in punk rock, ska and reggae – play some classic salsa sound, following the tradition of the islands salsa pioneers like Rafael Cortijo, Roberto Roena or La Sonora Ponceña, in a fresh and youthful sounding way with a mean and dirty brass section and often funny and hard-hitting lyrics. After a couple of full lengths and 7“s Orquestra el Macabeo is back with its tight grooving new album „Lluvia con Sol“. Time to hit the dance floor!)
BERNAYS PROPAGANDA- My Personal Holiday- Thrashbastard – 7
(Musically and lyrically, Macedonians BERNAYS PROPAGANDA will satisfy the hunger of everyone who couldn’t get enough of their high-energy danceable post-fpunk grooves found on the debut album. Influences such as Gang Of Four, !!!, Fugazi, The Slits, LCD Soundsystem, Gossip and the likes first come to mind, manifesting in the form of chopping guitar riffs and licks interchanged with thumping, groovy bass lines, all linked together with a drum play so uplifting it makes even the dead get up and dance. And the female vocals on top of everything! Uncompromising and ferocius while amiable at the same time, blasting lyrics as sharp as the razors, shredding rotten souls of false idols, malevolent politicians, deceiving leaders and overly-restrictive governments to thousands of hardly-amendable pieces with such a mysterious charm, always kicking exactly where it hurts with a dead-serious attitude.)
B.U.S.H.- New American Century- Thrashbastard/625 – 7
(These guys from Brazil play furious and energetic skatepunk like in the good 80s.)
B.U.S.H.- Sao Paulo- Thrashbastard – 7
(After their debut 7” on 625, two split 7”s with DICK CHENEY and BRUCE BANNER and their debut full length released earlier this year the Sao Paulo 12” came out for their first european tour. B.U.S.H. plays furious and energetic skatepunk like in the good 80s. If you like CIRKLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG or JFA you will love them! The LP has 8 tracks of hardcore punk spiced with 60s garage and post-punk influences, a very cool recording and even much better creafted songs than their earlier material.)
DEFECT DEFECT- s/t- Thrashbastard – 7
(Fighting their way out of the basement comes Portland’s DEFECT DEFECT with their best record to date! After two quality EPs and constant touring, DEFECT DEFECT hit it just perfect with their catchy-as-hell melodic punk style that hits hard with Colin’s spastic and blunt vocal style with Adam’s excellent song writing. Tracks like Stolen Ground and Post Apocalypse are perfect bookends of this argent and essential LP. Featuring ex and current members of THE OBSERVERS, AUTISTIC YOUTH, THE MINDS, CLOROX GIRLS and the excellent ARCTIC FLOWERS this record will stick out over the pile of vinyl coming out in 2010. Do not miss out on this exciting band!)
EPIDEMICS- Waking The Dead- Thrashbastard – 7
(Formed by members of DISCONVENIENCE and THE RATS this great new band from Umea, Sweden, brings you eleven songs that will penetrate your brain, fill the dance floor, make your ear drums bleed and leave you wanting more. Great super catchy punk-rock with female vocals. In the vein of AVENGERS, THE BRAT, EBBA GRÖN and GENERATION X.)
LETS GROW/JAIBO!- Split- Thrashbastard – 6
(Belgrades finest bands sharing this piece of vinyl. LETS GROW are around for more than eight years playing some fast hardcore punk, inspired mostly by the 80s US bands. JAIBO! is a newer band but their members played in a lot of Belgrade hardcore bands before. Some people compare their music to Jerry’s Kids, RKL (r’n’r nightmare era) and some european bands such as Indigesti and Jingo De Lunch. This record is a total ripper! The artwork done by Ray Ahn from Hard-Ons.)
LETS GROW- Disease Of Modern Times- Thrashbastard – 7
(After few years activity and two 7”s on 625 and Know Rec in the USA, LET’S GROW from Belgrade, Serbia managed to record full length album. This is high-energy hardcore, taking the best elements of fast US 80’s hardcore with good examples of European hardcore (think MANLIFTINGBANNER or VITAMIN X) without any re-hash or being stucked in the past. One of the best records from an east-European band in the last couple of years; with fast tempos, but diverse song writing, to keep them kicking through all 14 songs on the LP.)
PORKERIA- La Mierda de Siempre- Thrashbastard – 7/9 (lmtd. Tour-cover)
(PORKERIA from South Texas play Mexican/Latino/Chicano/Tejano/whatever-you-wanna-call-it raw punk!! Featuring an ex-member of BASTARD SONS of APOCALYPSE they play hc/punk, fast and blistering, and also, melodic and catchy. Their style is closely associated to the early second-wave of UK ’82 and international punk like G.B.H., APPENDIX, and R.I.P., and of course, DISCHARGE.)
THE RATS- We Are The Rats- Thrashbastard – 7
(After several 7″ releases THE RATS from Umea, Sweden are back with their 1st full-length album. You’ll get yet again 15 practically peerless tracks of mean, violent and explosive hardcore, with thrashy undertones and feature nice hoarse, wailing vocals. This stuff is quite good, with lots of anger, energy and speed, all of which is built on a foundation of solid hardcore song writing. Damn good! If you’re into early US hardcore or swedish bands like DS-13 you should buy any THE RATS stuff!)
XAXAXA- Tango Revolucioner- Thrashbastard/Moonlee – 7
(XAXAXA hail from Macedonia’s capital city Skopje, and in between constant touring all over Europe with Bernays Propaganda, they managed to pull together Tango Revolucioner, an album comprised of ten fast, melodic, gut rocking tracks in the best manner of Hüsker Dü, Dag Nasty and Rites of Spring – an awesome retro flashback to the eighties, but nevertheless sounding very fresh, and carrying a similar message throughout their songs. One of them got remixed by Gang of Four‘s Mark Heaney.)
ADOLESCENTS- OC Confidential- several – 7
A.I.- Arming Rebellion With The Sounds Of Hearts/A Hope On The Concrete- Feral Ward – 11
ALLIANCE- Disborder- Falling Down – 3
THE ALTARS- s/t- Adelante – 9 (screenprint cover)
ANCHOR- Recovery- Refuse – 9
ANTI-PLAYAX- Valencia Marca Registrada- Trabuc – 5
LA ARMADA- Crisis- Profane Existence – 9
(Dominican HC/Punk-Band from Chicago)
AT HALF-MAST- Fathers and Sons- Kink – 6
(Nach diversen Split 7″s gibts hier auch mal wieder einen Longplayer der US-Hardcore Band. Recht düsterer, emotionaler Hardcore im Stil von Modern Life Is War mit leichtem Tragedy-Einschlag. Braunes Vinyl!)
AVERY- Lie, Cheat And Steal- Incendiary – 5
BÄDDAT FÖR TRUBBEL- Värdighet- Punks Only – 10
(just awesome!)
BAD LUCK CHARMS- s/t- Rockstar – 6
(Sleazy, Dirty Rock‘n‘Roll straight outta the smelly clubs of NYC, fronted by Kerry Martinez (U.S. BOMBS/SHATTERED FAITH) and fueled by the syringe sound of the HEARTBREAKERS, tongue in cheek of the STONES and all the snot of the DEAD BOYS! Go for it if you don‘t wanna end up having to wait another 35 years!!! )
BEASTIE BOYS- Polly Wog Stew- Fanclub- 11
BELGRADO- s/t- Static Age/Discos Enfermos – 11
(1st Lp, limited screenprint cover)
BETWEEN EARTH & SKY- s/t- Refuse – 5
BI-MARKS- s/t- Static Age/Sabotage – 9
BI-MARKS- The Golden Years- Static Age/Sabotage – 9
(Mexico vs. Hungary, Thrash/Crossover)
BLACK CODE- Hanged, Drawn and Quartered- Tanker – 6 (incl. CD)
BLACK PANDA- Tanque de 98 Octanos- Trabuc – 8
BLANK STARE- s/t- Refuse – 6
BLOOD FOR BLOOD- Spit My Last Breath- Open Handed – 18
(1st Lp, original)
BOOKS LIE- Weep- Coalition – 7
BOOM BOOM KID- Ex Cor D’Evita- Break The Silence – 8
LA BROMA DE SSATAN- Asi hicimos la Guerra- Radikal 1977 – 8
(punk classic from Spain!)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS- Feast Of Shame- Deranged – 11
BRUTAL VERSCHIMMELT- s/t- Höhnie – 14 (2xLp)
(Deutschpunk from the early 80’s, incl. 14 unreleased Demo- and Live-Tracks)
BURIAL / NIGHTMARE / CRUDE- Axis Of Wolves- Hate – 9
(Japan vs. Germany)
BUZZCOCKS- The Peel Sessions- Erect – 9 (re-issue)
CALIFORNIA 82- Asustar y Provocar- Discos Coyote/Solo Para Punks – 10
(Rock’n’Roll-Punk from Toledo, Spain! Great Outfits!!!)
CALIFORNIA LOVE- Reaping The Whirlwind- Youth Attack! – 20
(lmtd. Winter Tour 2007 edition, comes with a nice Screenprint-Cover and a screenprinted poster, ex-TALK IS POISON)
CEMENTERIO- s/t- In My Heart Empire – 6
CODIGO NEUROTICO- Sin batalla ni bandera- Black Sheep – 8
(spanish classic!!!)
COLDBRINGER- Lust And Ambition- Sabotage – 3
CROSSTOPS- The Ego That Ate The World- Rockstar – 6
(the CROSSTOPS are a San Francisco based Truckpunk band with members of THE BARFEEDERS, RICH KIDS ON LSD, GWAR, WHISKEY AVENGERS (to name a few). This is by far the greatest-White-Trash-Partymachine since KISS and HANK III. Engineered and produced by Justine Phelps, mastered by John Cuniberti (e.g. DEAD KENNEDYS). Coverart by The Foz (e.g. NOFX))
CRUDE- Immortality- Deranged – 9
DEAF KIDS- The Upper Hand- Raw – 8
(fast HC/Punk from Brazil)
DICTADURA- Bajo la sombra del miedo- No Thanks/Stomp – 8
DOOM- 教祖ラッシュ– Flat Earth – 9
DRAMAMINE- s/t- Sabotage/Narshardaa – 9
EXTORTION- Sick- Deep Six – 13 (purple marbled vinyl, 2007 1st press)
FALLEN- Fallen, eposado de la humanidad- In My Heart Empire – 3
FAMILY MAN- 2nd album- Behind The Scenes – 6
FATS DOMINO- Greatest Hits- Philips – 3
FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE- Only The Dead Have Seen The End of War- Scorched Earth Policy – 7
THE FIX- At The Speed Of Twisted Thought…- Touch and Go /2006 – 12 (lmtd. edition)
FLIEHENDE STÜRME- Priesthill- Twisted Chords – 9
FLIEHENDE STÜRME- Himmel steht still- Twisted Chords – 9
THE FREEZE- Rabid Reaction- Schizophrenic /2007 – 9 (re-issue of a 1985 classic!)
FUCKED UP- Year Of The Dog 12” – 30
FUCKED UP- Let Likes Be Cured by Likes- Schizophrenic – 30
GANG OF FOUR- Entertainment!- Fanclub – 9
THE GHOULIES- Reclaim The World- Rockstar – 5
(After several singles (e.g. w/ Electric Frankenstein) they are back with 16 fast-as-fuck songs of high energy Punk Rock in the vein of Zeke, New Bomb Turks and on this record also with a touch of Turbonegro. Anarchistic spirit of questioning everything we take for granted alive. A musical refl ection of the world that we live in Fierce lyrics and fast music make it a good soundtrack to the new world order! Uppsala/Stockholm, Sweden)
GIANT HAYSTACKS- We Are Being Observed- Smartguy – 25
GOLPE DE ESTADO- Mi Prision- Punk Machine – 3
GRAVE MAKER- Bury Me At Sea- Dead End – 5
HARRY BELAFONTE- Jump Up Calypso- RCA – 4
THE HELLBENDERS- Pop Rock Suicide- Dead Beat – 4
HELLNATION- Dynamite Up Your Ass- Sound Pollution – 15
HIT ME BACK- The Man With Many Faces- Cubicle – 8
HORRÖR- Descontroladas- Trabuc/Grita O Muere – 7
INSPIRAL CARPETS- Caravan- Mute – 3
IRRITONES- Negative Dots- P.Trash – 7
I WALK THE LINE- Desolation Street- Combat Rock – 8
I WALK THE LINE- Black Wave Rising- Combat Rock – 8
JET BUMPERS- It’s A Sexy Burnout…- Radio Blast – 7
JFA- Nowhere Blossoms- Placebo – 25 (great skatepunk record – Original!)
KEN PARK- La Haine Dans Les Yeux!!- WeeWee – 5
LAST RIGHTS- No Guts, No Glory- Reflex – 15
LEMURIA- Get Better- Asian Man – 6
LEMURIA- The First Collection- YoYo – 6
MEANWHILE- Lawless Solidarity- Nuclear Fear – 9
(repress of a classic!!!)
THE MEN- Leave Home- Sacred Bones – 9
NIHILISTICS- s/t- Mad At The World – 12
NOEM- Panzer- This Charming Man – 9
N.O.T.A.- Live at the Crystal Pistol- Prank – 11
O INIMIGO- Personalidades Plásticas- Prügelprinz – 9
((Brazil’s Dag Nasty, European Tour-Release)
OUT COLD / VORHEES- Split- Deranged – 9
PELIGRO!- s/t- Discos Enfermos – 7
POST-WAR PERDITION- s/t- Behind The Scenes/Subcult – 5
PROFIT AND MURDER- Mother Nature’s Afterbirth- Rising Riot – 5
RAISER- A Este Eterne Invierno- DIY – 3
RAMSEY LEWIS- Goin’ Latin- Cadet – 4
REMEMBER- Chuzpe- Rising Riot – 6
(About one year after the debut-ep ‘Death To All Of Us’ Remember are back with their first full length. Chuzpe is the consistent advancement of the EP, the record is dark and desperate. It combines some modern hardcore elements with some moshing heavyness of pure intensity. There are these calm and muted moments just to be destroyed by another vehement storm. We made some copies in a splattered-vinyl-look, some white copies and some black ones. Moreover, every record will have it’s unique download code.)
REPROACH- s/t- Wolfpack /2003 – 9
REPROACH / SUNPOWER- Live- Crucial Attack – 7
RETAINERS- s/t- Radio 81/P.Trash – 5
RINGERS- Detention Halls- YoYo – 5
RIISTETYT- HC Revival 1982-83- Höhnie – 9
RIISTETYT- As A Prisoner Of State- Höhne – 9
ROLLINS BAND- Weight- Imago – 18 (clear vinyl)
RUSH’N’ATTACK- The Pitch- Crucial Attack – 7
SICARII- Within Your City Walls A Rising Storm- Dead City – 7
SONIC YOUTH- Master Dik- Youth Riot – 9
SPANDAU BULLET- Bullet II- In My Heart Empire – 4
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION- Cheap Kicks- Short Fuse – 9
SUNPOWER- Pain For Profit- Still Holding On – 7
TALK IS PIOSON- Condensed Humanity: The Prank Eps- Prank – 10 (green vinyl)
THE TANGLED LINES- Stacy- Refuse – 9
TENEMENT KIDS- We’ve All Been Down- Crucial Attack – 5
TERRIBLE FEELINGS- Shadows- Sabotage – 9
TIME OF MY LIFE / VINTAER- Split- self-released – 4
TINY GHOSTS- Another Poison Wine- Destination Unknown – 4
TINY GHOSTS- Every Time We Write A Love Song…- Destination Unknown – 4
TOTÄLICKERS- El poder absoluto aniquila la vida- Kremón – 7
TOTÄLICKERS- s/t – Grita o Muere – 8
TRIAL BY FIRE- Ringing In The Dawn- Jade Tree – 7
TRIGGER TRAVIS- The Zoo- Burn LePlane – 4
TUNA- Dupla Face- Crapoulet – 8
(new album of this brazilian punk band, in the vein of Gorilla Angreb, No Hope For The Kids, Arctic Flowers, White Lung…)
TUNA- O mudo mundo com a nossa voz – Crapoulet – 5
(Tuna is a word from portuguese that means: students, vagabonds, punks, laziness lovers, outsiders that run a musical group and organize concerts, living almost like nomads (tuna is not the fish name!!!!). the name fit perfectly, make music to show there’s something else, some different life out of this eficient work society based on labeling people’s diversity… life’s bigger than this. we want to help people to remember that. Sexy punk rock, defending sweat mix, intimacy, self consciousness…)
TUPPERGUARROS- s/t- Oidos Sordos – 5
LA URSS- Produco- Bowery – 9
VAASKA- Vaaska- 540/Todo Destruido – 9 (contains both Eps + Poster)
VIOLENT MINDS- Eyes Of Death- Parts Unknown – 9
WAR ALL THE TIME- s/t- Yellow Dog – 5
WARSONG- Caravan- Sabotage/Doomtown – 7
WILLFUL NEGLECT- both 12”s- Havoc – 8
V/A- Dangerhouse Vol. 1- Frontier (w/ Weirdos, Dils, Avengers, X, Alley Cats) – 10 (red vinyl)
V/A- Does It Hurt?- Thought Crime (w/ Sotatila, No Slogan, Ruidosa Inmundicia, Narsaak) – 7
V/A- Propaganda Is Hippies- Kämäset Levyt (w/Sotatila, Kieltolaki, Viimeinen Kolonna) – 7
V/A- Common Life Comp. II- Dead Heroes (w/ FPO, George Harrison, L.E.A.R.N.) – 6
V/A- Paxta-Core – Underground Uzbekistan- Tian An Men 89 – 8
V/A- Underground out of the Islamic Republic of Iran- Tian An Men 89 – 8
V/A- Underground Tajikistan- Tian An Men 89 – 8
AUGUSTUS PABLO- Way Out Rockers- Jamaican Recordings – 8
(Original Roots Reggae)
BURNING KITCHEN- Damn You If You Do, Damn You If You Don’t- Alerta Antifascista/Funai – 25 (lmtd. Red splattered vinyl)
(Swedish punk from 1999 with female voices. Great record!)
CROSS EXAMINATION / SPRING BREAK- Super Party Brothers- Deep Six – 10
DEFDUMP- David vs. Corporate Society- Hopewell – 3
DEMERIT / SS20- Split- Wifagena – 5
(China vs. Germany)
ENDSTAND- Fire Inside- Combat Rock – 12
FISKALES AD-HOK- Fiesta- C.F.A. – 6
(from Chile!)
GUNS LIQUOR AND WHORES- Serpico- Pultrid Filth Conspiracy – 8
MIGRA VIOLENTA- Superficial- Alerta Antifascista/Les Nains Aussi – 6
SEPTIEMBRE ONCE- No estamos a salvo- Crapoulet – 8
(Fast and furious thrash punk from Uruguay, remind us, of course, Los Crudos or Tropiezo)
SPREAD / TEEN IDOLS- It Found A Voice- California Roll – 15 (lmtd. original 1st pressing from 1999 new!)
THOSE WHO SURVIVIED THE PLAGUE- Dad’s done, Mom- Sacro Egoismo – 3
ASPIRINA INFANTIL- Ets es Millor- Thrashbastard – 4 (Benefit-Flexi!)
(Totally killer Hardcore Punk rock from Mallorca. Reminds me on LA PERRERA, CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS, NUEVO CATECISMO CATOLICO and other great old spanish punk bands. This record is a benefit flexi single to pay the costs of an anti-nazi trial.)
VIOLATOR / BANDANOS- Thrashing The Tyrants- Thrashbastard – 4
(Great split EP! Bandanos continue where they left off on their LP – more of that well executed crossover thrash not unlike the Accused or ‘Technocracy’ era COC’s finer moments. On the flipside is Violator. This is some legit mid 80’s style thrash metal with roots in HC/punk not unlike Slayer, Whiplash, Kreator or Exodus. This is a perfect pairing of Brazilian power thrash.)
RENEGADES OF PUNK- s/t- Thrashbastard – 3
(“This Brazilian band plays a very familiar style of fast punk that borders on hardcore. The distortion on the guitar is light and the riffs are often tinged with a more basic garage-y flare that works well here and lands this band somewhere near REGULATIONS or something like that with angry female vocals. This is a really great demo.”- MRR)
LOST BOYS- Work. Life.Regret- Thrashbastard/Trabuc – 3
(Catchy, mid-tempo hardcore/punk inspired by bands like ANGRY SAMOANS, CIRCLE JERKS or BLACK FLAG among others. It’s LOST BOYS’ 6th release, after a demo (on tape and later on vinyl), the first EP, the Split EP’s with STRONG AS TEN and SUNPOWER and the Split-LP with THE IRRADIATES. This new 4-Song-7“ (including a M.I.A. cover) brings you raging hardcore/punk heavily influenced by the 80’USHC with a bit of Boston and lots of California in the mix. It’s furious, melodic and aggressive, the guitar (garage-ish) sound give an extra abrassive touch together with the raspy vocals. The Cover-Artwork is done by Andrei Bouzikov.)
MINUS APES- s/t- Thrashbastard – 3
(Awesome new band from the outskirts of Berlin that seem to be around 19 years old on average. Their tracks usually clock in at about a minute or so, and in there franticness, they manage to drive home more sentiment than most bands can do with a box set. Sure it’s negative (lyrically) and angst ridden to the core, but hey, the world does suck a bit after all. While most kids are oblivious to this fact because they’re playing Rock Band or partaking in other meaningless endeavors, these Minus Apes are pounding in the nail of truth with a voice that only pissed-off kids can muster up. I’ll be damned if MINUS APES don’t remind me of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, ANGRY SAMOANS, T.S.O.L. and ADOLESCENTS. This is a band for people that don’t like people. And all the others…)
OUT ON A LIMB- s/t- Thrashbastard – 2
(First 7” of this Chemnitz based new band out of the ashes of VIDEO VIOLENCE. Four songs of raw, wavy punk with a little melancholy desperate prevailing mood. Without any question there is some Wipers-influence. Cover-Artwork by Alex Cuervo from HEX DISPENSERS.)
VASELINE CHILDREN- s/t- Thrashbastard – 2
(First release of probably best Croatian band at the moment. they play highly energetic fast SxE-HC with in your face attitude and lyrics about life, politics, HC scene. VASELINE CHILDREN deliver American hardcore of the ’80s (early D.C. infected and ’88 youth-crew) phase. They got the inspiration for their name from the old band from Connecticut, VIOLENT CHILDREN. If you really have to choose only one band that VASELIN CHILDREN resembles, that would definitely be TEAR IT UP while the vocal is the spitting image of HALFMAST and NO TIME LEFT. The 7″ contains 7 own songs and a Cover version from F.P.O.)
THIS SHIP WILL BURN- Servant Of Servants- Thrashbastard – 2
(THIS SHIP WILL BURN from Ontario, Canada playing straightforward hardcore-punk in the vein of early FUCKED UP and BRUTAL KNIGHTS. This 7″ contains 5 snotty, smoking tracks of melodic rock-tuned hardcore-punk. A fresh combination of mid-tempo growling vocals and driving rhythm. For fans of that typical Canadian Deranged Records sound!)
DICK CHENEY- Pa Mitt Rum- Thrashbastard – 4
(Fast and powerful hardcore influenced by early hardcore bands such as NECROS or REAGAN YOUTH & classic la punk rock bands from the 80s.)
LOSER LIFE- Burning Fields- Thrashbastard – 2
(This is the 2 track 7″ for their European tour which took place in June/July 2008. LOSER LIFE comes from a place called Bakersfield, California, an area the band has numerously described as “the armpit of California”. This is what LOSER LIFE is influenced by and the band’s sound makes their pleasant description seem all too realistic. LOSER LIFE is dirty, grimy, filthy and fucking pissed off at their little hole in the world and the world in general. They play music with a glass half-empty feeling with a glass overflowing the brim spirit.)
DEPRESSIVE STATE- Total Annihilation- Thrashbastard – 2
(DEPRESSIVE SATE from Leipzig featuring members of SHUT THE FUCK UP, THE TANGLED LINES and SCREWED UP! They deliver 5 tracks of sharp, back-to-basics sound with a clean, slashing guitar tone and agitated vocals. Disillusioned, angry and pissed. Yet, they’re not a retro act. The sound is updated and moving forward. Fast without being tuneless. Tuneful without being limp. This is the soundtrack for all hardcore lovers with a fable for early ’80 hardcore-punk!)
NK6- Yellow Beauty- Thrashbastard – 2
(Great new tour 7″ from one of Japans finest – NK 6. This 7″ has 6 songs of manic japanese hardcore-trash. They’re mix their classic japanese style with some of melody and a totally crazed approach. Think of bands like GAUZE, DON DON, BLAZE, and GOGOOL PLEX. Fucking awesome stuff. Check it out or miss out!)
THE RATS / SHUT THE FUCK UP- Split- Thrashbastard – 2
(Umea’s finest young band shares this split with East Germanys SHUT THE FUCK UP who play fast, aggressive and powerful early 80s infected hardcore.)
A BIT BRAINDEAD- Frequency Of Frustration- Yellow Dog – 3
ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR- Descending Humanity- Self-released – 3
ACTIVE MINDS- The National Lotta E- Loony Tunes
– 3 (6th EP)
ACTIVE MINDS- The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum- Loony Tunes – 2 (Flexi!!!)
ALARME- Walk Together, Thrash Together- Give Praise – 2
ALERT! ALERT!- Zemsta- Extinction – 3
ANOTHER PROBLEM- …And You Suck- Search For Fame – 2
ANTI YOU- Making Your Life Miserable- No Way /2008 – 3
ANTI YOU- Pig City Life- Punks Before Profits /2007 – 3
ANTI YOU- Johnny Baghdad- Puke N Vomit /2008 – 3
BAD REACTION- Plastic World- Flat Black – 3
BAIT- Every Lie I Ever Lived- Nakkeskudd – 2
BEATINGS- s/t- Nerdcore – 2
BETONBARN- s/t- Nakkeskudd – 2
BLACK MARK- Wrecked- Hardware – 2
BLANK PAGES- Blind Faith- Hardware /2012 – 4
BLEACH BOYS- Pukewave- Rapid Dog/Gnarly Slaughter /2007 – 3
BOXED IN- Progression?- Busted Heads – 3
BRUISE VIOLET- s/t- Emancypunx – 2
BURNING HEADS- New- Crapoulet – 3
(lot of old french dudes in this old band)
BURNING TIMES- Nuclear family War- Tapdole – 2
CANADIAN RIFLE- s/t- Criminal IQ /2007 – 3
CANADIAN RIFLE- Facts- Taken By Surprise /2010 – 3
CARDIAC ARREST- s/t- Underestimated /2004 – 4
CARDIAC ARREST- Life’s A Dead End- No Way/Grave Mistake /2006 – 3
CÄTÄRRO- Insonia- Läjä /2013 – 4
THE CENTERHITS- City Girl Friend- Snuffy Smile – 3
(New band from Fukuoka. Sounds like Henry Fiat’s open Sore, Fleshies meets The Muffs. Fuckin’ awesome!!)
CHRONIC SEIZURE- Brainsick- Fashionable Idiots /2006 – 3
CHRONIC SEIZURE- s/t- Fashionable Idiots /2006 – 3
CHUCK DAMAGE- s/t- Shock & Awe /2007 – 3 (lmtd. green cover)
CIVIC PROGRESS- Disposable- Fashionable Idiots – 3
CIVIC PROGRESS- Petroleum Man- No Way – 3
COCOCOMA- All I Give- Shit Sandwich /2006 – 3
COLD ONES- Stay Thirsty!- Zandor – 2
CONDENADA- s/t- Lengua Armada / 2007 – 4
CONDENADA- Mother Tongue- Thought Crime /2009 – 3
CONDOMINIUM- Hello Tomorrow- Condominuim /2008 – 13
THE CRAWLERS- I Hate Michael Vick- Blind Spot – 2
(Old-fashioned raw Portland Hardcore Punk. Fast and simple with absolutely no bullshit)
CRITICAL PICNIC- They Had It Coming- Cowabunga – 3
CROPKNOX- …Do What?- Pure Punk – 3
CROSSED EYES- Rattled- Sorry State /2007 – 3
CROSS EXAMINATION- The Hung Jury- Deep Six /2006 – 5
CRUCIAL CAUSE- Blood Money- Flat Black – 2
CTR- Kuruizaki Attack!!- HG Fact /2004 – 7
CTR- Escape From Orbit- HG Fact /2009 – 6
CULT RITUAL- s/t- Burrito /2007 – 12 (green marbeled)
DANGERLOVES- Lipsmart b/w So This Is Love- Fashionable Idiots /2007 – 3
DANGERLOVES- Easy- DeadIdeas /2008 – 3
DANGERLOVES- Young Pretender- Static Shock /2008 – 3
THE DEAD END BOYS- Boys In The City- Malfunction – 2
DEADFALL- s/t- Controlled By Plague /2003 – 3 (Green Transparent)
DEADFALL- Comrades- 625 /2004 – 3
DEADFALL- Keep Telling Yourself It’s Okay – Tankcrimes/Punks Before Profits/ 2006 – 3
DESTIERRO- s/t- Various – 2
DISKORÄÄ- Plax & Record- Humildad y Honestidad – 3
DISPARO- s/t- Trabuc/Stomp /2010 – 4 (1st press)
DL.50- Dosis Letal Media- Darbouka – 3 (Punk from Paraguay, very first vinyl from there)
DRAFT DODGER- Guantanamo Bay Holiday- Endless Blockades /2004 – 3
DRY HEAVES- Medicated Youth- Zandor – 2
EPIDEMICS- No Reply- Yellow Dog/Waterslide /2010 – 3
EXTORTION- Terminal Cancer- Way Back When/Shortfuse /2009 – 9
EXTORTION- Demo- Coffin Cut /2010 – 13
(Vinyl issue of their 2005 demo, originally on CDR/cassette tape, adding two tracks. Comes with a sticker and various label inserts.)
EYEWITNESS- Päättäjät On Kännissä- Raka – 3
FAILURE FACE- All pain No Gain- Ebullition/Daybreak /1994 – 5
FAN ZUI XIANG FA- s/t- Crapoulet /2011 – 3
((Fanzui Xiangfa is a hardcore-punk band from Beijing, China. Formed in 2006, they came together with a common desire to do something in a scene where “do nothing” has become a constant mantra. The members, all deeply involved in China’s music scene, are sick of the apathy and despair so present around them and instead believe in empowering people to take control of their own lives and to actively create the world they dream of. Fanzui Xiangfa relentlessly embodies the DIY ethic in an atmosphere of creative fun and a roar of hardcore- punk.)
FAR LEFT LIMIT- Paint It Black- 625/Gash /2003 – 3
FIX MY HEAD- s/t- Viny Addict /2008 – 3
THE FOCUS- s/t- Mafia Fan Club – 2
FOSSIL FUEL- Knife Rock- Cubicle – 2
THE FUCKIN’ BRAINEATERS- Brains- Brain 9 – 2
GLEAM GARDEN- In The One Sided World- Snuffy Smiles (fast, angry, dirty melodic punk rock from Japan. Limited 2 song one sided 7″) – 3
GOBIERNO MILITAR- No Hay Opción- Discos Enfermos – 4
(Desde asturias nos viene este trio de perlas en su debut 7 tocando punk crudo, rapido y bien cabron. Una entremezcla entre el punk KBD mas basico con sonidos mas crudos de punk-hardcore hace que para mi sea una delicia escuchar a estos cabrones a lo largo de los 7 temas que componen este ep. Portadas serigrafiadas y diseño muy DIY dentro de lo que cabe en estos tiempos que corren.)
THE GOTHIEFS- Hongkong Rocks B/w Limited Applied- High School Refuse /2008 – 3
GOVERNMENT FLU- Fuck Poetics- Refuse /2009 – 4
HAYMAKER- Lost Tribe 30.11.04- Deranged /2004 – 5
THE HECKLERS- s/t- Go Ape – 2
THE HUNGER- Winter- De Graanrepubliek – 2
HYENA – Breathing Death Rotting Flesh- Rising Riot – 3
(Hyena is a new hardcore-punk outfit out of the AJZ Bielefeld Crew and I think they choosed the very best and most suitable name for their band, cause the hyena-music is raw, rotten and simply a low-down bastard. The seven songs on this record vary from uptempo punkrawk to slowed down heavyness in a decuman rage. The lyrics dealing with the status of being and feeling fucked up in every aspect. These guys swing the sledge and bring down the foundation, the world is fucked and Hyena are the special task force to wreck up everything.)
IDLE HANDS- s/t- Three Chords /2008 – 8
IDLE HANDS- Volatile Matters- Rockstar /2009 – 4 (1st press)
IDIOTS RULE- s/t- Hate /2007 – 3
ILEGAL- Error de Orden- Lengua Armada /2010 – 5
ILEGAL- La Vida Es El Producto De Nuestra Esperanza Y Las Visiónes Irreales- Todo Destruido /2011 – 5
THE INSULTS- Thrasher Go Home- Punks Before Profits /2009 – 4 (Official reissue of the 1985 original 7″EP)
INTIFADA- First To Terrorize- Southkore /2007 – 3
INTIFADA- ¡Sounds So Good!- Rompe Todo /2008 – 3
THE ITALIAN STALLION- The Collapze- Musikzimmer /2006 – 4 (printed labels, handmade highlighter-stripes on inner-jacket and centerlabels, lyric sheet)
I WALK THE LINE- Black Wave- Combat Rock Industry – 4
JUMP OFF A BUILDING- Bird Watching In New Zealand- Lengua Armada /2007 – 3
KAIVOSURMA- Porttiteoria- Hardware – 3
KAREL ANKER & DE JODEN- s/t- Demonomania – 2
(Burly sailorpunk from Holland with socio-political lyrics in Dutch)
KIELTOLAKI- s/t- Moo Cow /2006 – 4
KIELTOLAKI- Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen– Combat Rock /2006 – 4 (2nd euro press 500 on red vinyl)
KNIFE IN THE LEG- Bloodlust- Trujaca Fala /2008 – 3
KNIFE IN THE LEG- No Place For Boys- Trujaca Fala – 3
(Brand new one for this Polish hardcore who are quite a bit different from most of the things you hear coming out of that country. This is bruising, burly hardcore with a melodic edge… it’s well-produced, powerful and extremely catchy… I’d compare it to bands like Night Birds (at their less surfy moments), Lost Boys, and maybe even that new band OFF. It’s rare to find a band that are both aggressive and capable of writing great songs, and Knife in the Leg are it… definitely their best stuff so far, so if the description grabs you give this one a try! Coloured vinyl!!)
KOMMUNEN- Den Svenska Modellen- Ny Väg/Hardware /2007 – 3
THE LAST DAY’S WASTE- Drink And Drive- Try My Ass – 2
LET’S DANCE- Calling All Cars- No Front Teeth – 2
(Four killer new cuts from these Canadian delinquents bringing the sounds of punk, powerpop and early hardcore blended togther. Heavily influenced by late 70’s punk and power-pop, Let’s Dance write fast, energetic songs full of catchy hooks and melodic sing-along choruses. For fans of The Cute Lepers, Exploding Hearts, Carbonas, Sex Pistols, Briefs, Adverts etc.)
LIES FEED THE MACHINE- Gallows- Behind The Scenes – 2
LIFE CRISIS- Churchstate- Deep Six – 2
LOSER X- Underground Idiots- Snuffy Smile – 3
(Fast melodic HC from Japan like early Dag Nasty, Minor Threat and Trepan Nation)
THE LUST FOR LIFE- Boredom- Search For Fame – 2
MARVELOUS DARLINGS- I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party- Deranged /2007 – 5
MARVELOUS DARLINGS- The Swords, The Streets- Wallride /2008 – 4
MARVELOUS DARLINGS- The Only Ones For Miles- P. Trash /2009 – 10 (lmtd. to 100)
MASSACRE DIVINE- Beijando a Morte- Nuclear Fear – 3
(Besthoven/Germ Attack members)
MAYOMBE- A historia mela sangue- RAW – 2
MIKA MIKO- s/t- Post Present Medium /2004 – 6 (1ST PRESSING OF 500. BLACK VINYL. 4 SONGS. SILK SCREENED COVERS.)
MIND CONTROLS- Prelude To A Fight- P. Trash /2005 – 4
MISERY INDEX- Hang Em High- Garden Of Exile /2007 – 5 (Limited edition pressing of 800 copies on black vinyl)
MOSKWA- Studio ’84- Warsaw Pact /2011 – 10 (Second pressing of the release – orange vinyl version.)
MURDER MANIACS- Black Punk- Yasuo – 10
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT- Lobotomy Kit- Burrito – 2
MY REPLY- Braindead- Urban Life – 2
NARSAAK- Prasina- Thought Crime – 2
NITAD- Nu Borjar Minnena Komma Tillbaka- No Way /2009 – 4
NITAD- En Ding Ding Värld- Adult Crash /2011 – 4
NO GOAL- Demo XXX- Third Party – 2
THE NO JONS- California 1983- Punks Before Profits – 2
NOT SORRY- Moving On- Salad Days – 2
NO WAY OUT- Livin’ Today- Equality – 2
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS- Hi Five For The Rapture- Fashionable Idiots /2006 – 10
LA ORQUESTRA EL MACABEO- Macacoa- Discos de Hoy/Cha Cho – 4
(The Orquestra el Macabeo is one of the big sensations of current Puerto Rico’s „old school“ salsa revival. The self-proclaimed rockeros con guille de salseros (“rockers posing as a salsa band”) – the twelve musicians have backgrounds in punk rock, ska and reggae – play some classic salsa sound, following the tradition of the islands salsa pioneers like Rafael Cortijo, Roberto Roena or La Sonora Ponceña, in a fresh and youthful sounding way with a mean and dirty brass section and often funny and hard-hitting lyrics.)
OUT WITH A BANG!- Few Beers Left But Out Of Drugs- Criminal IQ /2007 – 3
OUT WITH A BANG!- I#m Against It- Fashionable Idiots /2007 – 3
PACK- Booze For Future- Rinderherz – 2
PARALISIS INFANTIL- Demo ’87- Canal 9 /2012 – 4
(punk from Argentina!)
PARASIT- s/t- Nuclear Fear – 2
PERRAS SALVAJES- Demasiada Presión- Hysterical – 2
PIAZZA DROPOUT- s/t- Oi Free Youth- 2
PLEASE DIE- On This Cross- Salad Days – 2
PROTEST STAGNATION- s/t- Dissonant Sound Industries – 3
PUTAS MIERDAS- Extinción- Metadona/Trabuc /2012 – 4
RAGING FUGITIVES- s/t- Nakkeskudd – 2
REAGAN SS- Hail The New Dawn- Coalition/Way Back When /2003 – 3
REAGAN SS- Bon Apetit!- Rabid Dog /2007 – 3
REGRESS- Look Who’s Pulling The Strings- Lengua Armada /2004 – 4
REMEMBER- Death To All Of Us- Rising Riot – 2
RHYTHM SYNDROM- Cobwebs From The Empty Skull- Cowabunga – 2
RIGHT IDEA- s/t- Refuse – 2
RKS- s/t- STH – 2
RUSH’N’ATTACK- Donut/Hole- Crucial Attack – 3
RUSH’N’ATTACK- White Smoke- Crucial Attack – 3
S.B.V.- Swallow The Pill- Refuse – 2
SEARCH & DESTROY- s/t- Clarence Thomas /2006 – 3
SEASICK- Ennui- Refuse – 3
SICK MORMONS- Why Does Shit Keep Falling From The Sky- Demonomania – 2
SIDETRACKED- Churchill Downs- Rising Riot – 3
(While so many bands call it a day after one active year, the sidetracked-four carry it on and on and on. Here is another fine 7″ with six new songs out of coalchamber and the four guys just won’t slow down. The last 12″ was really powerful and intense, these new songs are simply fast, short and loud, a thrashing punk- and hardcoreattack like we love it. This 7” sounds raw and dirty like it should be, no need of a fat hollywood-metal-production, this is a punkrock-engine fuelled the spirit of some fuckheads with their hearts at the right place. This Shit Rulez!!!)
SILLA ELECTRICA- Tension- Blondes Must Die /2009 – 4
SITUATIONS- Reibung- Destination Unknown – 2
SMART COPS- s/t- Sorry State /2007 – 4
SMART COPS- Cominiciare a vivere- Adult Crash /2009 – 7 (limited white vinyl version of this record)
SMARTUT KAHOL LAVAN- Magnetic Storm- Lengua Armada / 2003 – 3
THE SMASHROOMS- Questions- Epidemic – 2,5
(From Brescia, Italy, the newest 7″ from this hardcore trio. One year after “The Wind Of Tomorrow” and 2 European tours, The Smashrooms attack again with this new piece of coloured vinyl! A mix between anthemic old school and 90s hardcore influences. Lyrics expressed from a personal point of view but charged with messages!)
THE SMASHROOMS- The Wind Of Tomorrow- Epidemic – 2,5
(Intense and passionate hardcore mixing the immediacy of the old school with more modern sounds. Politically charged songs with a personal touch to bring the message straight to your heart!)
SOBERESPONSE- Different Path- Commitment /1998 – 4
SOCIALCIDE- Sick Of The Pressure- Even Worse /2007 – 4
SOCIALCIDE- Burn In Hell, Bundy- Kangaroo/Even Worse /2007 – 3
SOCIAL CIRCKLE- Static Eyes- No Way /2006 – 4
THE SPARK- Fashion Rats And Status Whores- Mike Fitzgerald – 2
SPASTIX- Dreck Vieh Youth- Matula – 3
STAINS- John Wayne Was A Nazi- Twisted Chords /2003 – 3 (The original was released in 1981, but THIS IS NOT A RE-ISSUE OF THE STAINS 7″. THE VERSIONS HERE ARE FROM THE “MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS” LP (1982)).
STAND OFF- Over All- Power Ground – 2
STATE- No Illusions- Havoc /2005 – 3 (re-issue of a 1983 US-HC-Classic!)
STATE- Verboten – German EP- Statement /2008 – 3
STATUES- Same Bodies, Same Faces- Deranged /2007 – 3
STATUES- Crooked Fingers- P. Trash/FDH /2008 – 5
STATUES- We’re Disparate- P. Trash / 2009 – 10 (Lmdt. 150 “mod-punk” edit. blue/red screened silkscreen sleeve)
STOLEN LIVES- SpaisvouViajku- Crapoulet – 2
STRUNG UP- s/t- Kangaroo /2002 – 3
STRUNG UP- Warfucked- Kangaroo /2005 – 3
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE- Fuck The Scene- Urban Death Mission – 3
SUSPECT PARTS- Maneater- Taken By Surprise – 2
(feat. members of The Briefs, Cute Lepers, The Clorox Girls, Red Dons, The Shocks & Ripcord)
TAXI- Who’s To Blame- Dead Beat – 2
TERRORIZE KIDS- History Repeats Itself- Search For Fame – 2
THIS SHIP WILL BURN- A Fool’s Paradise- Fall Of The West – 4
THREE FOUND DEAD- Dyingbreed- Gash – 4
THUG X LIFE- All Eyez On You- Refuse – 3
THE TIMEBOMBS- Nuke Everything- Cowabunga – 2
TIME OF MY LIFE- War- Dear Friends – 2
TITLE TRACKS- Every Little Bit Hurts- Dischord /2009 – 4
TOTAL FURY- Committed To The Core- Busted Heads /2002 – 6
TOTAL FURY- Committed To The Core- Youth Attack /2002 – 5 (US tour press)
ULTIMO RAUSEA- Melhen- Arschlarte – 2
URBAN BLIGHT- s/t- Deranged /2005 – 3
USURA- En Verga- 1984/Yellow Dog /2013 – 3 (crust-punk from Mallorca)
VAURIO- Sortoa Ja Vainoa- Feral Ward /2007 – 4 (Originally scheduled to be released on Propaganda Records (Finland) in 1984, only covers and test-pressings were made.)
VENGEANCE- The Message Is Fuck You!- Search For Fame – 2
VICIOUS CIRCLE- Pizza Rules- Sell Our Souls – 2
VIDEO DISEASE- Make Me Pure- Cowabunga – 3
VILE NATION- s/t- Cowabunga – 3
VOLENDAM DISEASE- s/t- Kangaroo/Even Worse – 3
VOWELS- Chained- Vendetta /2013 – 4
(VOWELS are from Dresden, Germany and contain members (or ex-members) of Vitamin X, the Tangled Lines and a few others. With their quick bursts of speed, short songs and borderline chaos VOWELS have a lot in common with powerviolence. But this German band has their own twist on hardcore/fastcore/powerviolence; spastic moments and speedy moments and slow moments and lo-fi moments all boil down to a good hardcore.- MRR)
VIOLENT MINDS- Just Kicked In- Deranged /2007 – 5
THE VOWS- s/t- Dean And Gone – 2
WAR ALL THE TIME- Capitalism- Whole In The Head – 3
WELTRAUMSCHROTT- Die Platte Mit dem Cowboy- Matula – 3
WHITE YORK- Changing The Wheel- Feral Kid – 2
WORHÄTS- Glaube- Phobia – 2
WORMEATERS- In God We Thrust- Hardware – 2
YAKUZA HORROR- La IV Extincion- Trabuc – 2
ZUSCHANDEN- s/t- Be-Part – 2
Split 7”s
ALLIANCE / LOS DESTRUCTORS- Split- General Bacardi – 2
ARMA LARANJA / BEST-FERA- Split- Faca Cega – 3
BLOTTO / DRUNKEN BORT- Split- Snuffy Smiles – 2
BLOTTO / RINGERS- Split- Snuffy Smiles – 3
BRIVIDO / SENATA FOX- Split- Sumoggu – 2
THE CENTERHITS / YOUR PEST BAND- His Smart Choice- Snuffy Smiles – 2
CHINGALEROS / KISSIN’ COUSINS- Split- Sell Our Souls – 2
COCOCOMA / THE HIPSHAKES- Tour Split- Tic Tac Totally! /2007 – 4 (white vinyl)
COMRADES / K.G.C.- Split- Poli Diaz – 2
THE CRUMP / SMALLTOWN- Split- Snuffy Smiles – 2
DISCO LEPERS / KERMIT’S FINGER- Split- No Front Teeth – 2
(14 track 7″!!! Featuring London ‘s raw, obnoxious KBD scumfucs the Disco Lepers teamed up with Boston ‘s frantic punks Kermit’s Finger)
DRATSAB / REFORM CONTROL – Split – Reform – 2
THE ERGS! / LEMURIA- Split- Art Of The Underground/YoYo /2007 – 4 (1st pressing)
EXTORTION / SEPTIC SURGE- Split- Reguritated Semen /2009 – 5
EXTORTION / COMPLETED EXPOSITION- Extortion / I.S. For Household- Reguritated Semen /2010 – 10 (Tour edition with different cover, limited to 100 copies.)
EXTORTION / THE ORUPTURETANS 5”- Extortion/ Do The Bonobo Bop!- Hate Ape – 6
FAN ZUI XIANG FA / SS20 – Split- Wifagena – 3
FRANTIC / THE VECTORS- Pigs And Parasites- SIK – 3
GET IT TODAY / HELD HOSTAGE- Split- Give Praise – 2
GHADDAR / PANACEJA- Split- Feral Kid – 2
GOOD FELLAZ / VICIOUS CIRCLE- Split- self-released – 2
HOLY SHIT! / YOUR PEST BAND- Split- Snuffy Smiles – 3
THE HORROR / WAR ALL THE TIME- Split- Zandor – 3
INTIFADA / LIBÉRATE- Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop- Fuck Life/Rompe Todo /2008 – 3
IRRITONES / ROUGH KIDS- Split- Crapoulet – 3
KNIFE IN THE LEG / THE FIGHT- Split- Yama Dori / 2008 – 3
MIGRA VIOLENTA / DISARM- Split- Tetanus /2000 – 3
MIGRA VIOLENTA / SICK TERROR- Split- Terrötten /2006 – 3 (red vinyl)
THE MISCASTS / YOUR PEST BAND- Split- Snuffy Smiles – 2
(Two of best punk rock bands in Japan at the moment. For fans of Replacements, Husker Du, Modern Machines)
MITHRA / POST SATA RESURGO- Split- Iconoclast – 2
NITAD / KVOTERINGEN- Fuck Your Scene Kid Vol. III- Kranium /2009 – 4
PxHxT / NEVER FAIL- Split- Juicy – 2
(PxHxT is a thrash punk band from Portugal and Never Fail is an Hardcore band from portugal, 3 songs each)
PRACTICE / SMALLTOWN- Split- Snuffy Smile – 3
REAGAN SS / JOHN BROWNS ARMY- Split- Coalition/Gloom /2002 – 4 (This is the version with the orange Reagan “Charles Bronson-style” cover, limited to 100 numbered copies, on transperant orange vinyl.)
SIDETRACKED / KACHEL- Split- Rising Riot – 3
(It took so long to release this piece of wax and from time to time we really didn’t believe, that this split-ep would see the light of day, but well, haste makes waste and here we are. Together with Final Exit Records from Munich we release 4 songs of Sidetracked from the Pott and 2 songs of Kachel from Munich. The 7″ comes in lilac wax and moreover the first 50 records have and additonal extra cover with Tim Sidetracked and Börl Kachel on it. So, some words about the music: hardcore-punk, the usual stuff.)
SPACE TO BEING / TASTE OF FLESH- Split- Beer Is Not Drink – 2
TOTAL FURY / PANDAMONIUM- Tour 2007- One Percent /2007 – 3
TOTAL FURY / THE OATH- Split- Youth Attack /2002 – 5 (clear vinyl)
TOTAL FURY / THE JURY- Split- Gloom /2007 – 3 (grey marbeled vinyl)
(Released for their April/May East Coast Tour 2007. 500 copies pressed, hand numbered on back cover.)
TROPIEZO / LA VIRGEN DEL POZO- Split- Discos de Hoy – 3
(fast, fast, fast – awesome split of these two bands from Puerto Rico!)
VINGANCA- Hora do Herói Cair- RAW – 2
VIOLENT MINDS / NEVER HEALED- Armoury Of Fearless Truth Against Whispering Rumour- Spiderghost Pressgang/Vexed /2006 – 4
WEEKEND NACHOS- Torture- Tooth Decay /2006 – 10 (1st Ep, clear vinyl)
V/A- Barbaric Thrash #6 – Bay Area Thrash Devastation- 625 /2004 (w/Look Back And Laugh,Deadfall, Voetsek) – 5 (2×7”)
V/A- Bands That Don’t Give A Shit About Being God – Boston/Lowell Comp.- Social Napalm /2007 (w/Out Cold, Social Circkle, Witches With Dicks) – 3
V/A- Platform Comp.- Never Shown Face /1999 (w/Envy, Wall, Swipe, Wise Up) – 7 (japanese release)
V/A- Sick Of Fun- Stress Domain /2008 (w/Coke Bust, No Thanks, Socialcide, Ecoli) – 4
V/A- Warsaw Burning- Refuse /2009 (w/Government Flu, Burst In, El Banda, Six Pack) – 5 (lmtd. Edition 10/44, red vinyl)
V/A- Systeemi Ei Toimi E.P.- Rock ‘n’ Roll Bullshit/Ratbit‎e /2012 (w/ Laahaus, Kaaos, Vapaa Pääsy) – 5 (re-issue of a finnish hc/punk classic from 1982!)
V/A- New Order, No Order – Reagan Youth Cover Comp. (w/La Piovra, Lets Grow, I Shot Cyrus) – 3
V/A- One Kind Word Vol.1- Cycle (w/Damage Control, Force Of Change, The Defense) – 2
V/A- One Kind Word Vol.2- Cycle (w/Cinder, Common Cause, Get The Most, Go For Broke) – 2
V/A-4 Way-Split- DIY (w/Charchi Arcola, Booter, Pavlov, Krap Nek) 2×7” – 2
Tapes – 2,50 Euro
AK47- To razum grmi u svom gnjevu…- DHP
AK47 / SENATA FOX- Split- DHP/Twisted Justice
ALLES KAPOT- Demo- Yellow Dog
BEAUTIFUL SUNDAYS- First tape- Crapoulet
(poppy / Punk rock from argentina, coolest thing to chill while a rainy day and have a big smile)
THE BLOODY SLIPS- s/t- 48 Records/Inge’s Revenge
THE CHURCH- Priest=Aura- Arista
DEADFALL- Discopraphy 2001-2004- Beer Is Not Drink
DIVISION BURZACO- First tape- Crapoulet
(Punk hardcore from Montevideo / Uruguay)
THE FARM- Spartacus- Produce
FORT LAW- Demo- Yellow Dog
HEIL HIDIOT- Endlose Hidiotie- Goodbye Mankind
HYDROPHOBIA- No Pasaran- Estajanovismo
KGC / MY OWN TRUTH- Split- Poli Diaz
KGC / SCHLÜPFER- Split- Poli Diaz/Error
KVAERN- Demo- Rabalder (83/100)
LAST CHANCE / NEGATIVE STEP- Split- Estajanovismo
LESSER OF TWO- s/t- Estajanovismo
NO HUMANS INVOLVED- Demo- self-released
NON SERVIUM- Orgullo Obrero- Fanclub
PAVILIONUL 32- Supradoza De Realitate- Black Hood Society
PIEL Y HUESOS- Demo 2010- Discos Enfermos
(From Caracas, Venezuela, the demo debut released on cd-r now on tape from this 3 piece band. Raw and primitive punk with some echo on the voice. Simple but amazing full of angry. Comes with lyrics and in colored tapes; red, blue, green and yellow limited to 100.)
PROTEST STAGNATION- s/t- self-released
QUEMA COCHES- Puro Veneno- Crapoulet
(really great and cool Punk rock From Argentina!)
THE RATS- Live With Death- self-released
RESIST & EXIST- Discopraphy- Banderanegra/Sin Medios
RUNTIME ERROR- Demo 2009- self-released
RUN TIME ERROR- live @ Kombi 29.07.2006- self-released
SELF DESTRUCT- Lost Boys- self-released
SIN APOYO- Resistir…- Estajanovismo
STILL NOTHING TO LOOSE- Demo- Papiertüte (42/99)
THE TARGET- Null Problemo Demo 2006- Alarm Clock
UTARID- Tiala- Papakerma (Malaysia Punk)
V/A- Endless Sickness #3 (Anti prison benefit comp. w/To What End, Cop On Fire etc.) w/Zine
V/A- Siktape Samlingskass 1 (Umea-Punk-Sampler w/ Tristess, Ambulance etc.)
LOS VALIENTES- Demo tape- Crapoulet
(Tape version of their first EP – this is punk hardcore / Skatepunk from Buenos Aires / Argentina. Velocity, fluidity and 80’s groove, what’s better than Jorge Valdano to define them!)
LOS VERRUGAS- First tape- Crapoulet
(77 Punk rock From Lima, Peru)
WATCH OUT!- Demo 2006- CNBI
WORMEATERS- Demo- self-released
Cd’s – 4 Euro (3 for 10 Euro)
BATTERY- Let The Past Go- Lost & Found
BLACK FRIDAY 29- The Escape- GSR
BLUR- Leisure- Food
BLUR- Modern Life Is Rubbish- Food
BORA- Spit Into Kismet’s Face- Kablio Muzika
BORA / COALITION- The Split Program- Kablio Muzika
BORN DEAD ICONS- Work- Deadalive
BRUCE BANNER- I’ve Had It With Humanity…- Burning Heart
BURIAL- Never Give Up…Never Give In- Deranged
CHAOZE ONE- Kopfstoff- Twisted Chors (Digipack)
CINDER- Sneaking Out- Cycle
CINDER- Two Years Of Ripoffs And Circle Pits- Sell Our Souls
CONFRONTO- The Insurrection- Liberation (Brazilian Metalcore)
CRIME DESIRE- s/t- Life’s A Rape
DEGRADATION- Homeward Bound- Competition
DERIDE- s/t- Mangrove
DRY-ROT- 3 Records in 1 Cd- Painkiller
THE EYES- Pursuing The Misfortune- A Date With Elvis
FAVEZ- From Lausanne, Switzerland- Stickman
FAVEZ- Bellefontaine Avenue- Stickman
FUERZA DE LUCHA- …Intenta Comprender- Invisible
GOOD CLEAN FUN- Today The Scene Tomorrow The World- Inferno
HIGHSCORE- Unsuspecting Actors…- Stereodrive!
INSURGET KID- Paranoia- Wasted Sounds
LUZIFERS MOB- Complete 50 Song Discography- Repoman
MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS- Everything So Far- 625
MAROON / SELF CONQUEST- The Key- Beniihana – 10 Euro
MISCONDUCT- A New Direction- Bad Taste
NARZIß- Ebenbilder- self-released – 10 Euro
THE NEIGHBORS- The More Money One Has…- Six Weeks
OUT COLD- Goodbye Cruel World- OSK
RIVER CITYREBELS- Playing To Live…- Victory
SHIHAD- It’s A Go- Modern Music
THE SHINING- May-Hem Tour 2006- Pick Up
SIDEKICK- Black And White- Mad Mob
SPANDAU BULLET- Bullet I- In My Heart Empire
STRENGTH APPROACH- Sick Hearts Die Young- Hurry Up
SWEET SUBURBIA- Paranoia Day By Day- Liberation (awesome melodic Punk from Brazil)
U2- The Best Of 1980-1990 & B-Sides- Polygram (2xCd)
UNDER PRESSURE- Come Clean- Yellow Dog
VIOLENT HEADACHE- Bombs Of Crust/False Terminal- Six Weeks
V/A- 4-Way-Split- Beniihana (w/Narziß, Should Have Known, Destiny, Self Conquest) – 10 Euro (Digipack)
V/A- Gegen Nazis Sampler- Rough Trade (w/Toxoplasma, Fliehende Stürme, Inferno, Normahl, Slime)
V/A- Mal De Ojo – 4 Way Split (w/No Slogan, Tropiezo, Juventud Crasa, Intifada)- Discos de Hoy
V/A- Ratas de Ciudad (w/I Attack, Tras de Nada, Reaccion)- Southkore
V/A- We Don’t Want Your Fucking War- Mortarhate (w/Anthrax, Subhumans, Dezerter, UK Subs, Toxic Waste, Malinheads, Conflict)
Cd’s – 3 Euro (4 for 10 Euro)
16 BUH- Aldrig mer en mohikan 1986-1987- Six Weeks
ABSOLUCION- s/t- Dogma Destroyer (Ex-Antimaster)
ALTERCADO- …Canción a los Poderes…- Reacción (Punk from Chile)
ANARCHUS- Vals Of Hate- Cryptas (legendary Band from Mexico)
ASUNTO- Renacer- 78 Life (Metalcore from Chile)
ASUNTO- El fuego sigue ardiendo- Decision Personal
ATHRENODY- Crazed Development- 625
AVERY- The Devil Is A Squirrel- Winter (Metalcore from Berlin, Germany)
BETON / CAD- Split- Total Punk
B.U.S.H.- New American Century- 625 (+Buy Us Some Heroin E.p.)
CHAINSAW- Believe- Six Weeks
CHANNEL ZERO- Black Fuel- Play It Again Sam
COME CLOSER- Diversity Declines- Superhero
DEAD IN THE WATER- Echoes…In The Ruins- Firebox
DEAD TO FALL- Villainy & Virtue- Victory
DEAD TO FALL- The Phoenix Throne- Victoy
DEFECT DEFECT / BUSSCOPS- Split- Sweet Discos (brazilian release – awesome!!!)
DISUNDEAD- La Era de la Oscuridad- Cryptas (+DVD)
DOOM DAY- Count Your Useless Hours- Superhero (All-Star-Project feat. Ex-members of Prodigy, English Dogs, Devil Inside, 25 Ta Life, Ryker’s, Sworn Enemy)
EPIDEMICS- Waking Up The Dead- Dirty Faces
ERANTZUN- Hatzia Ernaltzen Duen Tanta- Resistencia/Contraorden (Basque Country)
FACADA- Indigesto- Independencia (Brazil)
F.P.O. / THREAT OF RIOT / MILKADD- Split- Nuclear Assault (Macedonia/Italy/Israel)
FPO- 2003-2007 Recordings- DIY (Macedonia)
F.P.O.- s/t- Zank Kola (Macedonia)
GARBAGE PAILKIDS- Discography 89-91- Twice The Speed (great Umea HC-Band, Dennis Lyxzens band before Refused)
HEADED NOWHERE- Hey Punk Stay Punk- Valium (Italy)
HEADED NOWHERE- 7 Songs And A Cover- Countdown (Italy)
HUMAN BASTARD- s/t- self-released (Spain)
INSTIL- Fire Reflects In Ashes- Garden Of Exile
ISLE OF MAN- Breathe Plastic- Garden Of Exile
JOVENTUD CRASA- Anada Agua y Mezcle- Discos de Hoy
KLH- Fuera de Mi- Algo (Punk from Mexico)
LIAR- Murder Manifesto- GSR
MASSMÖRD- Unleashed- Yellow Dog
MESRINE- I Choose Murder- Crimes Against Humanity
NO TIME TO LOSE- Free-Edge Hardcore- Lean On Me!
NUEVA ETICA- La Venganza de los Justos- Firme y Alerta (Argentine)
PAURA- 1st release- Chain Conspiracy (Brasil)
PAURA- Reflex of Difference- Chain Conspiracy (Brasil)
PAURA- Reverse The Flow- Liberation (Brasil)
PAVILIONUL 32- Supunere?-Niciodata!- Gluga Neagra (Romania)
PEDESTRIANS- Ideal Divide- Southkore
PISSCHRIST- Nothing Has Changed- Yellow Dog (Australia D-Beat)
POLLUTION- Siglo XX- Invisible
POLLUTION- Rompiendo el Silencio- Sell Our Souls
POLLUTION / FUERZA DE VOLUNTAD- Energía- Decision Personal
QUEERFISH- …the b-punk era…- Semaphore (Digipack)
RECTIFY- Have Mercy- Garden Of Exile
REGRES- Punk Rock Pozytyw- Refuse (Poland)
REGRES- W Naszych Dloniach- Refuse (Poland)
RETHINK- Set On Fire- Ematoma (melodic hc/punk from brasil w/ members of discarga, point of no return… one of the best brazilian bands!!!)
REVEAL- Dissection Of Thought- Good Life
REVEAL- To Explore The Invention To create- Genet
SENGAIA- Maelstrom- Garden Of Exile
SKRÄCK- Discography- DIY (Mexican release)
SPES EREPTA- Minutova Terapie- Refuse (Czech Republic)
TENDENCIA- Re-Evolucion- System Shock (Cuba Metal)
THREAT OF RIOT- Take Your Time- Goodwill
THUMBS DOWN- Crossroads- Genet (Belgium)
TIDES- From Silence- Teenage Disco Bloodbath
TRI-LAMBDA- s/t- Caustic
TROPIEZO- Unificando la Amistad Discografia- Discos de Hoy (HC/Punk from Puerto Rico)
TROPIEZO / KLH- Traidores Del Pueblo- Cryptas (Puerto Rico vs. Mexico)
THE UNDEAD- …After All These Years- Black Bird
UNIT 21- Brainshred- Muerte Negra
VALUES INTACT- Hope Of Freedom- Die Hard (Italy)
VELHO DE CANCER- s/t- Cafe & Raiva
Y / MY OWN LIES- Tough Gyus Save The World… To Death!- Peculio
V/A- 3 Ways Of Armageddon- Cucho/UPS (w/ Social Chaos, Irritate, Olho de Gato)
V/A- 4-Way Split- self-released (w/Nervous Breakdown, Guillotine, KSM40, Mass Strangulation)
V/A- Cheap Shots Vol. III- Burning Heart (Label Comp. w/Millencolinm Satanic Surfers, Samiam, Hives, Business, Refused, Nine etc.)
V/A- El Cambio Empieza En Mi- Thrashbastard (Latinamerican SxE-Sampler)
V/A- Opre Roma, Roma Stand Up!- Schandmaul (w/In The Shit, Lost, See You In Hell, FPO)
V/A- Take No Heroes- Refuse (w/Pointing Finger, No Violence, Only Way Out, Second Combat)
V/A- Tribute to Rattus- Fight (w/Acao Direta, Olho Seco, Doom, Audiokollaps, Kaaos, Warcollapse)
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