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Distro-y 2017!

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On the 2018 leg of our End Of The Year segment, we are teaming up with some late bloomers to recap the big, noteworthy records that emerged for DIY music lovers last year. Our previous rounds and loads of IDIOTEQ features in 2017 showed that there had been plenty more highs than lows, and we could use its harvest to fill our creative souls for years, no matter what genre and style we prefer. It’s kind of scary how much there’s to cover and how much we’ll inevitably miss. Nevertheless, we’re still interested how artists and labels saw the last year, and I guess we’ll continue posting our wrap-ups throughout January.

Our newest round features a number of quality picks from Alex of Distro-y Records, a hardcore/crust label from the North West of Ireland that’s particularly dear to my heart, due to our longtime cooperation that kicked off 4 years ago with our interview and developed into a series of features in support of Distro-y’s tasty catalogue. Alex is a one hell of a guy and it’s always a great pleasure to work with him. I guess the following list captures the essence of his taste, so check it out and let us know if you can relate!

A couple of years ago I had given up and thrown in the towel with the whole label/distro thing but over the past year things have kicked up a gear, and this year was great with tons of new amazing music and bands. I didn’t get to as many gigs and see as many bands this year. It can be hard to see gigs in general when you live in the North west of Ireland not quiet the punk/hardcore capital of the world. Despite this there was some great releases this year with a number of bands who opened up my eyes and ears wider than before. With that said the music I have helped put out through Distro-y, I think 2017 was great as a whole with the label and distro being more diverse then ever. I got a bit more organised and learned a lot and I hope with 2018 I will hopefully learn even more and help out more bands in 2018 and I encourage everyone to get stuck in cause if I can do what I can out in the wild west of Ireland imagine what you can do where you are…

Thanks to all those who supported Distro-y and I hope to support the scene even more in 2018. – Alex

Grit – Diamond + S/T EPs (Distro-y Records)

I am starting with Grit as a band rather than a release as they are the only band we have released two releases of this year and if they had let me I would have released them a third time… Oi! influenced melodic punk with the end results a mix of French Oi! Sounds ala Camera Silens and melodic hardcore similar to Preying Hands.

PMS 84‘s ‘Easy Way Out’ LP (Disco Enfermos)

Portlands PMS 84’s ‘Easy Way Out’ LP is an absolute in the vein of UK82 powerful bass lines that carry their Hardcore/Oi! infusion with old school styled cut and paste cover. Great stuff.

Rats Blood – UGLY EP (Distro-y Records)

Rats Blood is one of my favourite live bands and to hook up with them for another release is always a privilege, as their stomping tracks of d-beating coarse anthems always have me singing along and punching and title the track off this year’s UGLY EP is no exception.

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic LP (Southern Lord)

Crossover sound has never been something that has appealed to me, but Power Trip are a band who have left me feeling that I should backtrack on my views and delve a little deeper. As ‘Nightmare Logic’ is great but the track ‘Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)’ is an absolute beast

Destriers – Cynosure EP (Distro-y Records)

Destriers a new band from Dublin that as soon as I heard them was like fuck I need to put this out on vinyl so that what we did helping to bring Destriers hefty intense bout of blackened hardcore to hopefully many new people.

Haram – بس ربحت, خسرت “When You Have Won, You Have Lost” LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)

I picked up their 7″ last year and it was great and this LP does not faulter. There is something a little different with Harams sound maybe its the vocals all done in arabic or maybe the intensity of the vocals sung with passion and purpous. The music is as feroicous to boot.

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