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DIY as fuck: Turkish noise rock act ABSTRACT SENSE release debut EP “No Signal”

Looking at the huge cavalcade of new music coming from thousands of artists from all over the world, you’ll often find that there is a lot more going on within the realms of just a single genre than your ears are able to perceive. We often dive into least predictable areas of rock music just to give you some examples and encourage you to start a band! Torkey’s ABSTRACT SENSE proves it doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive project. These guys have been on a mission to make lo-fi noise rock fun again, and surprisingly it reveals the breadth of the genre.

Asked about the recording process, Ozan, half of the project commented:

We had absolute no money and we couldn’t find other musicians in our area, so we just said ‘screw it’ and made our own EP. I wrote all the songs and lyrics for 2 songs, recorded it in my own room without an actual soundcard or a decent software or system. I only have my guitar, my other guitar with bass strings for to get the bass sound, a free software drum machine (it’s called ”Hydrogen” big thanks to them for that awesome software) in my old pc that i’m kinda mastered on using that so i can get the most human like drum tracks, also a microphone that i recorded vocals, guitars and basses. The only problem with all this is that vocals doesn’t sound as great as the other instruments so it kinda sucked (sorry for that though). I tried to make the tracks sound like they were recorded on a cassette tape, I hope that worked a bit. For mixes, I used Audacity.


WorkingClass (Lyrics by Ozan Bodur)

My timeless fall with my growing age
No one can hear my silent rage
Warn me before it’s too late
Seventeen floors and i fell on my head

In another time when you need a dime
I’ve been trapped inside my mind
Kill another day it’s still be fine
Shift after shift you slowly die

In my block of a playground grasped in grey
I’m bound to what they say
Let me die alone
In my brand new microwave

Maybe another time, lost time
A shinny watch and a new tie
Dripping my coffee on your favorite shirt
I fill with joy when i see you hurt

It’s gonna happen again and again
Every tomorrow,
It’s gonna be the same again
Eternally from one to ten
Among all those men

Voyager (Lyrics by Ozan Bodur)

The Burning house is now clear
Can you see it’s real?
From ashes i will rise

We march as a whole into the nights
We roll under captivating stars
Tomorrow i’ll race you to sun

Fill me with ambition
We are daydream nation
Our time has come

You got yourself going insane
Rewind the tape in my brain
I wont forget this dream

Crank it let the power flow
Lightning bolts on the floor
Sailing on the wall of sound

Red eyes and a big smile
If i fall i might die
Numb bodies on the ground

Cracked body to an open end
A new dimension for a friend
I’ve been found dead
We’ve been found dead

Our time wont be gone
And we’ll not go before it’s done
The burning spirit in my mind

Chew (Lyrics by Alperen Karahan)

Lose your heart in the dimensional war
Sight closed between light and shadows
Lost vision, nowhere to be insight
Efreets lead me to the eternal fog

Other days were gone
Massive wave will come
Fragile ones still exist,
Feelings absent it all got mixed

Forsaken in their mind
Youth unsatisfied
Corruption leads their way
Mind is fucked and insane

No happiness, got some shame
Melt me down with your flame
Burn the system with your light
Let them know we gotta make this right

Meet me in subterranean connection
Makes us one perfection
Divide me onto stereo sanctity
Slowly collapsing abstract city

Forsaken in their mind
Youth unsatisfied
Corruption leads their way
Mind is fucked and insane

InnerBuzz (Lyrics by Alperen Karahan)

World in a earth i’m isolated
Burying my inconsistency
Unlike i fight with crocodiles
Mushrooms are our dignity

The window of my mind
It’s one of a kind
Sigh on harmonies of life
Each experiment guides us to nowhere

I’m late but old walls can’t say no
Maybe going mad sometimes
Following the ocean waves
Disobey the rules of crimes

Noise is my sanctuary
Great waves without surfers
No sense but it’s all hate
Now it’s all in my bed

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