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DIY Booking can be fun: Brussels industrial rockers THOT hit the road

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Summer is slowly coming to an end, but yet again, the road awaits Belgian experimental industrial rockers THOT. The band will be touring across Poland at the end of the months and we asked them to share their thoughts on the process of DIY booking, its pros and cons and how it works for them.

“Pain in the ass”, “Burning mailbox”, “no answers today”, “Last minute canceled gig”
Here are a few things that pop up in my mind when I think about DIY booking, or “the art of spending hours on your laptop trying to book your band’s next tour”.

This requires time, patience, and a good use of some usefull tools like google map and songkick for example (because yes, you can nearly find every venues using those tools). Or Facebook groups, when you beg for promoters sign of life, venues lists (those excel sheets who might be more famous than the Graal itself) or some reassurance – coz, yes, it’s always nice to talk with people who, like you, spent their day sending emails that will probably never be opened.

Time consuming, yes. But don’t get me wrong. DIY booking can be fun tho. And get you to meet beautiful people thru this long journey.

Because you know you’re part of a worldwide community of music lovers who try to build a better world, based on music.

THOT live dates:

 Olivier Bourgi Photography at Dour Festival
THOT live at Dour Festival, by Olivier Bourgi Photography

1f1e9 1f1ea 28.08 – Ruby Tuesday | THOT (Hannover)
1f1f5 1f1f1 29.08 – Thot [BE] + Outbred, 29.08 Poznań
1f1f5 1f1f1 30.08 – Soundrive Festival 2018 (Gdańsk)
1f1f5 1f1f1 31.08 – THOT + Michał Turowski I Mental Distortion I 31.08 chmury(Warsaw)
1f1f5 1f1f1 01.09 – Thot [BE] + Aviaries | 1.09 DK Luksus (Wrocław)

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