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DOGMA’s “Face of Violence” unleashes a sonic crusade with great new metallic hardcore offering

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Amidst the trials and tribulations brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, DOGMA has persevered, dedicating their time to writing and recording their inaugural opus. The wait is nearly over, as ‘Face of Violence‘ has landed on May 31st.

For those seeking a more tactile experience, the album can also be enjoyed on the intimate setting of a record player at home (check out the lyric video below).

DOGMA is a grim five-piece band hailing from the Netherlands, comprised of both Dutch and Polish members. Their music serves as a potent translation of their impassioned plea for social justice. ‘Face of Violence‘ channels the raw intensity of metallic hardcore, taking aim at the pervasive systemic and institutionalized violence that permeates society in various forms and odors.

The album delves into sociological and political subjects, offering a profound exploration of pressing issues. The eponymous track, ‘Face of Violence,’ confronts the pressing matter of climate crises and humanity’s role in the destruction of our planet. ‘Feeding the Hand That Bites’ shines a light on the detrimental effects of consumerism. In ‘Borderli(n)es,’ DOGMA vehemently critiques the borders that divide nations within the confines of Fort Europe. And ‘Toxic Apathy’ fearlessly challenges the oppressive grip of the patriarchy.

DOGMA live by Zendy Kolmus
DOGMA live by Zendy Kolmus

The sonic journey of ‘Face of Violence’ was meticulously crafted under the guidance of Daan Nieboer at Cornerstone Audio, a studio renowned for its work with Adversary, Hawser, Serve, and Moments. Nieboer’s expertise in production, mixing, and mastering ensured that every track exudes the desired intensity and clarity.

In a testament to their unwavering dedication, DOGMA handled the entire release process independently, from the screen printing of the record sleeves to the artwork, videos, images, and social media promotion. Even the arduous task of booking shows was undertaken by the band themselves.

With its unyielding metallic hardcore beatdown, ‘Face of Violence‘ stands as a testament to DOGMA’s commitment to their musical vision.

DOGMA by Zendy Kolmus
DOGMA by Zendy Kolmus

While the album’s pinky yellow white cover art may deceive at first glance, beneath its seemingly innocuous exterior lies a collection of tracks that hit with bone-crushing force.


Expect slow-paced interludes, metalcore influences, and mosh-friendly, heavy-hitting jabs that defy simple categorization. DOGMA’s ‘Face of Violence’ is a sonic crusade that demands attention and commands respect.

Prepare to be engulfed by DOGMA’s unrelenting sonic assault as ‘Face of Violence’ surges forth, leaving an indelible mark on the metal and hardcore scenes alike.

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