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TH|EV: the Melodic Resurgence of Punk Rock

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In the annals of punk rock history, there are bands that emerge with a fire in their hearts, driven by a collective vision to revive the melodic energy that once defined the genre. TH|EV, a high-energy, emotive punk rock ensemble, stands at the precipice of such a resurgence. Led by Paul, the frontman known for his contributions to Hundreds of AU, Hell Mary, and Lesser Minds, this new project promises to reignite the spirit of punk rock with their forthcoming double EP, slated for release on 12″ vinyl via Protagonist Music.

The tale of TH|EV began in the autumn of ’22, when Wade, the guitarist, made a daring move, traversing ten hours from New Jersey to join forces with Paul (still in NJ).

While both had immersed themselves in the hardcore and punk scenes for years, they sought a new musical direction—one that embraced the power of melody and paid homage to the sounds that had inspired them to pick up their guitars in the first place. It was a nod to the halcyon days of 1994, when labels like Fat, Epitaph, Fearless, and Nitro reigned supreme, shaping the punk landscape as we know it today.

THIEV by Michelle Bomma
THIEV by Michelle Bomma

Paul, harboring a long-standing desire to create music of this nature, found himself unexpectedly thrust into the role of lead vocalist. Wade, however, saw the potential in his voice and sent him the first song, which instantly ignited Paul’s desire to add his melodic prowess to the mix. Thus began a month-long exchange of files and ideas, culminating in the completion of three exhilarating tracks that formed the foundation of their first EP, aptly titled “Fade.”

The final touches, including vocals, mixing, and mastering, took place under the guidance of John Naclerio at NADA. His expertise helped TH|EV refine their sound, while also allowing a strong West Coast influence, evocative of bands like Pennywise, Bad Religion, and Deviates, to intermingle with the unmistakable melody of their New Jersey roots, reminiscent of the likes of Lifetime and Saves the Day. It was this delicate balance of influences that set TH|EV apart and brought them to the attention of Brenden at Protagonist Music.

Impressed by the “Fade” EP, Brenden eagerly embraced the opportunity to release it in physical format. And so, the journey continued, with four additional songs forming their second EP, “Break.” With the invaluable artistic contributions of Matthew John Apol, who lent his creative vision to the EP covers and subsequent releases, TH|EV embarked on an ambitious plan to release their double EP on vinyl during the summer months—a testament to their unwavering commitment to preserving the spirit of punk rock.

THIEV by Michelle Bomma
THIEV by Michelle Bomma

As the TH|EV family expands, we discover that the live lineup comprises members from renowned bands such as Silence Equals Death, Entropy, and Hundreds of AU. A web of connections and collaborations weaves its way through the band’s history, as Paul and Wade had previously joined forces on Paul’s solo album, initially titled “Lightning in a Jar,” later renamed “A Break in the Fence,” a track that finds its place on the first TH|EV EP. Additionally, Paul contributed his vocals to a track on Wade’s solo project, “SilkFist.” These connections, these threads of creativity, bind the members of TH|EV in a shared vision of sonic exploration.

The culmination of their efforts took place at NADA, under the guidance of John Naclerio, whose skilled hands brought the music to life through the final vocal recordings, mixing, and mastering. The result is a sonic journey that captures the raw essence of TH|EV, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who encounter their music.

August 26th marks a significant date for TH|EV, as they come together for a momentous record release show at Factory Records in Dover, NJ. Joined by Kirkby Kiss, Spell it Out, and Stress Spells, the stage will be set ablaze with the energy of TH|EV‘s live performance.

The journey of TH|EV has only just begun, and as their double EP graces turntables worldwide, their captivating melodies will reverberate far beyond the realms of New Jersey. The forthcoming vinyl release has been adorned with Matthew John Apol’s artwork.


As the anticipation builds and pre-orders loom on the horizon, TH|EV remains humbly grateful for the support they have received thus far. Their music, a fusion of melodic punk rock that pays homage to the genre’s roots while forging a path of their own, resonates with the hearts of those who yearn for authenticity.

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